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Article Example
Møller Møller is a Danish surname, referring to an occupation as a Miller, equivalent of the Scottish/English "Miller", the German "Müller" etc.
Møller Møller is the twentieth commonest surname in Denmark. It is the most common non-patronymic surname.
Møller Danish immigrants to English-speaking countries often anglicized the name to "Miller", "Moller", or "Moeller".
Poul Møller Poul Møller (13 October 1919 at Frederiksberg – 5 August 1997) was a Danish Conservative People's Party politician.
Jesper Møller Since then, he has been focusing mainly on developing, writing and directing international feature films. (See below)
Jesper Møller 1998-1999: Storyboard/Development/Directing animator on Help! I'm a Fish.
Vibeke Møller Vibeke Merete Wulff Møller (later "Boisen", November 21, 1904 – August 7, 1987) was a Danish freestyle swimmer who competed in the 1924 Summer Olympics.
Andreas Møller He was considered a "half-English" and later, to distinguish him from his father, was nicknamed the "English Møller". In 1712, he finally left Denmark to work in Vienna, Kassel, Dresden, London, Paris, Florence, Mannheim, Leipzig and Berlin, where are most of his works.
Andreas Møller Described as a versatile and elegant man, as well as a fine patriot, Møller spent his remaining years in Berlin, where he probably died in 1762.
Simen Møller He started his youth career in Lille Tøyen, before he transferred to the local talent club Skeid, at the age of 10. In Skeid he was overshadowed by his older brother, Julian, and when he started at Bjerke Upper Secondary School, he chose to study media and communications, instead of elite sports like his brother. He therefore left Skeid, and signed for Kjelsås.