Top 10 similar words or synonyms for lyubvi

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for lyubvi

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Article Example
Karavan lyubvi Karavan lyubvi is a musical television film starring Sofia Rotaru.
Karavan lyubvi The foundation ideas for the film appeared after Sofia Rotaru performed the song "Karavan lyubvi". The song was later (in 1993) included in the album with the same name: Caravan of Love. The musical film became a fruit of joint production of the Main Edition of Musical Programmes of the Central Television and of the theatre studio Club in 1991.
Margarita Meklina Margarita Meklina and Lida Yusupova, "U lyubvi chertyre ruki : [Korotkaya proza]" (Moscow: Kvir, 2008)
Grigory Gradovsky He authored two dramas, "Stary liberal" (Старый либерал, Old Liberal) and "Vo imya lyubvi" (Во имя любви, In the Name of Love), both published in 1907.
Adjutants of Love Adjutants of Love (, "Adyutanti lyubvi") is a 2005 Russian telenovela. It is the second successful historical telenovela from Amedia Productions, after "Poor Nastya" (2003).
Kraina Mriy The "Zbirka" series of compilations released by VV in 2007 have a near-complete version (excluding "Legenda o lyubvi") of "Kraina Mriy" split across the four CDs.
Nastya Kamenskykh Outside of Ukraine she has been in popular Russian TV programs such as "Dve Zvezdy" (Two Stars), and has had popular singles such as "Ne para" (Not a Pair), "Hutoryanka" (Farm Girl), and "Bez Lyubvi" (Without Love).
Irina Allegrova In 2005, Irina began working exclusively with Aleksei Garnizov on "Po Lezviyu Lyubvi (On razor's edge of love) trilogy". A new album was planned for release in late 2005.
The Pokrovsky Gate Featured in the film are three songs written and performed by renowned "bard" Bulat Okudzhava: "Chasovye Lyubvi" ("Sentries of Love"), "Zhivopistsy" ("Painters"), and "Pesenka ob Arbate" ("Ditty about Arbat").
Kraina Mriy The track "Legenda o lyubvi" is performed in a vocalise style in both versions of the album, but the lyrics are printed in the booklet. The lyrics were sung live in 1990 at a concert in Sverdlovsk.