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Management of heart failure LVAD: Another current treatment involves the use of left ventricular assist devices (LVADs). LVADs are battery-operated mechanical pump-type devices that are surgically implanted in the upper part of the abdomen. They take blood from the left ventricle and pump it through the aorta. LVADs are becoming more common and are often used in patients waiting for heart transplants.
ReliantHeart Inc. The HeartAssist5 is an axial flow pump and the smallest of the full-flow LVADs. Its pump is slightly larger in diameter than a U.S. quarter or one-Euro coin and weighs only 3.2 ounces (92 grams). The small size allows for the device to be implanted adjacent to the heart and above the diaphragm; this is unique among LVADs.
Pump thrombosis The FDA is aware of serious adverse events associated with LVADs. It has received reports and information from a variety of sources indicating an increase in the rate of pump thrombosis events in patients implanted with LVADs. Information also shows that patients are experiencing pump thrombosis events earlier than observed during the clinical trials conducted to support product approvals in 2008 Bridge To Transplant (BTT) and 2010 Destination Therapy (DT).
Ventricular assist device A series of studies involving the use of the HeartMate II LVAD have proven useful in establishing the viability and risks of using LVADs for bridge-to-transplantation and destination therapy.
Cardiomegaly Left ventricular assist device: (LVAD): This implantable mechanical pump helps a weak heart pump. LVADs are often implanted while a patient waits for a heart transplant or, if the patient is not a heart transplant candidate, as a long-term treatment for heart failure.