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calamoschoena    0.895674

robustalis    0.886482

caryothicta    0.882614

perfusana    0.880212

dimicatella    0.878965

consocer    0.876543

medontias    0.875694

seliniella    0.874999

blastovalva    0.871579

difficilana    0.871539

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Leucoptera lustratella Leucoptera lustratella is a moth in the Lyonetiidae family. It is found from Fennoscandia to the Pyrenees and Italy and from France to Belarus and Romania.
Leucoptera lustratella The larvae feed on "Hypericum hirsutum", "Hypericum montanum" and "Hypericum perforatum". They mine the leaves of their host plant. The mine consists of an upper surface brown blotch, which is small and round at first. It is enlarged by lobe-like extensions in all directions. The mine usually begins at the leaf tip. The frass is concentrated in the centre of the mine. Pupation mostly takes place in a whitish cocoon within the mine. The larvae may leave a mined leaf and restart elsewhere.