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Adgur Lushba In September 2007, Lushba became First Vice President of Abkhazia's Chamber of Commerce, under Gagulia.
Adgur Lushba In December 1999, following the re-election of President Vladislav Ardzinba and the appointment of Viacheslav Tsugba as Prime Minister, Lushba was appointed Minister for Economy. He initially kept his position after Tsugba was succeeded by Anri Jergenia, but on 28 May 2002 was transferred to the State Tax Service, succeeding Konstantin Ozgan who had been elected to the People's Assembly.
Adgur Lushba Adgur Lushba is a politician in Abkhazia. He is currently deputy Head of the Presidential Administration under Raul Khajimba. In the past, he has served as Minister for Economy and as Minister for Taxes and Fees in the Government of President Ardzinba.
Adgur Lushba In November 2002, Jergenia was replaced as Prime Minister by Gennady Gagulia, who transformed the State Tax Service into a Ministry, and on 18 December, Lushba was appointed as the first Minister for Taxes and Fees. He remained in this post under Prime Ministers Raul Khajimba and Nodar Khashba, until the election of Sergei Bagapsh as President in 2005.
Adgur Lushba Lushba was bord on 29 August 1963 in Gudauta. In 1984, he graduated from the Economics department of the Abkhazian State University. Between 1986 and 1992, Lushba worked in the Ministry for Commerce, and between April 1992 and January 1995 in the State Committee for the Management of State Property and Privatisation. In January 1995, Lushba became head of the Economical department of the Cabinet.