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mullaghboy    0.895617

carrowreagh    0.886046

clogh    0.885713

gorteen    0.884156

castlequarter    0.882647

killogilleen    0.881198

derrylahan    0.878969

drummiller    0.878610

kilthomas    0.878556

killaan    0.875862

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for lurganboy

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Ardstraw Laragh, Largybeg, Legland, Legnabraid, Letterbin, Lettercarn, Ligfordrum (also known as Douglas), Liscreevaghan (also known as Clady-sproul), Lislaferty, Lisleen, Lisnacreaght, Lisnafin, Lisnatunny Glebe, Listymore, Lurganboy
Manorhamilton Throughout at least the 19th and 20th centurys, a number of annual fairs were held at Manorhamilton on- May 8, July 1, October 7, and November 18, with four annual fairs held at nearby Lurganboy on- May 15 (or 17th), June 21, August 21, September 23, and October 21.
List of townlands in County Fermanagh Lack, Lackaghboy, Lacky, Lamb Island, Lammy, Lanaghran, Landbrock, Lankill, Lanmore, Lannaght, Laragh, Largalinny, Larganacarran, Largandoy, Largy, Larkhill, Larmore, Lattonagh, Lattone, Laughill, Lavaran, Lea, Leaghan, Leam, Leam Beg, Leambreslen, Leamnamoyle, Lebally, Leeffa, Legacurry, Legaduff, Legatillida, Legg, Leggs, Leginn, Legland, Leglehid, Legmacaffry, Legnabrocky, Legnagay Beg, Legnagay More, Legnahorna, Legnavea, Lehill, Lehinch, Leighan, Leitrim, Lenaghan, Leraw, Lergan, Lesky, Lettan, Letter, Letterbailey, Letterboy, Letterbreen, Lettergreen, Letterkeen, Lettermoney, Levaghy, Levally Lower, Lignameeltoge, Lisadearny, Lisblake, Lisbofin, Lisboy, Liscosker, Liscreevin, Lisdead, Lisderry, Lisdivrick, Lisdoodan, Lisdrum, Lisduff, Lisgally, Lisgoole, Lisingle, Liskilly, Lislarris, Lislea, Lismacsheela, Lismalore, Lismonaghan, Lismoonly, Lisnabane, Lisnadurk Glebe South, Lisnagole, Lisnaknock, Lisnamallard, Lisnashillida, Lisnavoe, Lisnawesnagh, Lisolvan, Lisoneill, Lisrace, Lisreagh, Lisroddy, Lisroon, Lissagorry Glebe, Lissan, Littlehill, Littlemount, Lockard Big, Loftus Island, Lonesome Island, Longfield, Long Island, Longrob, Long Rock, Loughachork, Loughgare, Lough Hill, Loughkillygreen, Lowery, Lowerybane, Lugmore, Lurgan, Lurganbane, Lurganboy, Lurganclabby, Lurgandarragh Big, Lurgandarragh Little, Lurganboy, Lusty Beg, Lusty Beg Island, Lusty More, Lusty More Island
SLNCR Leitrim class Beyer, Peacock delivered the first two of this class "Fermanagh" and "Leitrim", in 1882. They proved to be reliable and the SL&NCR obtained further examples from Beyer, Peacock: "Lurganboy" in 1895; "Lissadell" and "Hazelwood" in 1899. The SL&NCR started withdrawing the class from service in 1947 and one of the class survived until the closure of the line in 1957. "Lissadell" was sold in working order to Hammond Lane Foundry in 1954 and survived until broken up at Manorhamilton in 1957.
Manorhamilton Manorhamilton railway station opened on 1 December 1880 and formed part of the Sligo, Leitrim and Northern Counties Railway (SLNCR). All maintenance on the line's engines and rolling stock was carried out at the station works and the railway became a major employer locally. The administrative headquarters of the SLNCR was located in the nearby village of Lurganboy. The railway served as a major business and tourism artery to the area and developed a large trade in livestock exports. The development of the modern roads system in Ireland led to the decline of railway usage and the consolidation of railways nationwide. The SLNCR, and with it Manorhamilton Station, finally closed on 1 October 1957.