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Kim Longinotto Longinotto is an observational filmmaker. Observational cinema, also known as direct cinema, free cinema or cinema verite, usually excludes certain documentary techniques such as advanced planning, scripting, staging, narration, lighting, re-enactment and interviewing. Longinotto's unobtrusiveness, which is an important part of observational documentary, gives the women on camera a certain voice and presence that might not have emerged with another documentary genre.
Kim Longinotto Longinotto was born to an Italian father and a Welsh mother in 1952; her father was a photographer who later went bankrupt. At the age of 10 she was sent to a draconian all-girls boarding school, where she found it hard to make friends due to the mistress forbidding anyone to talk to her for a term after she became lost during a school trip. After a period of homelessness Longinotto went on to Essex University to study English and European literature and later followed friend and future filmmaker Nick Broomfield to the National Film and Television School. While studying, she made a documentary about her boarding school that was shown at the London Film Festival, since then she has continued to be a prolific documentary film maker.
Kim Longinotto Kim Longinotto (born 1952) is a British documentary film maker, well known for making films that highlight the plight of female victims of oppression or discrimination. Longinotto has made more than 20 films, usually featuring inspiring women and girls at their core. She’s delved into female genital mutilation in Kenya (The Day I Will Never Forget), women standing up to rapists in India (Pink Saris), and the story of Salma, an Indian Muslim woman who smuggled poetry out to the world while locked up by her family for decades.
Women's Image Network Awards THE DAY I WILL NEVER FORGET"Italic text" Cinemax Reel Life, Producer: Kim Longinotto
Meiko Satomura Satomura appeared in the 2000 documentary Gaea Girls made for the BBC by Kim Longinotto and Jano Williams.
Host and hostess clubs The 1995 documentary "Shinjuku Boys" by Kim Longinotto describes a Tokyo host club in Shinjuku staffed exclusively by female-to-male crossdressers.
Gulabi Gang The Gulabi gang is the subject of the 2010 movie "Pink Saris" by Kim Longinotto as is the 2012 documentary "Gulabi Gang" by Nishtha Jain.
Mulberry Bush School Mulberry Bush School is the subject of a BBC documentary film, "Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go", directed by Kim Longinotto.
Encounters Festival South Africa 2005: Beverley Palesa Ditsie, Toni Strasburg, Ngaire Blankenberg, Zachie Achmat, Ditsi Carolino, Odette Geldenhuys, Rudzani Dzuguda, Isa-Lee Jacobsen, François Kohler, Bonganjalo Marala, Kim Longinotto, Omelga Hlengiwe Mthiyane, Beverley Mitchell, Leonard Retel Helmrich, Madoda Ncayiyana, Yeppe Rønde, Jemima Spring.
Love Is All (2014 film) The film is directed by Kim Longinotto with an original soundtrack composed by Sheffield singer/songwriter Richard Hawley, formerly of Pulp. Hawley wrote new material for the film and contributed existing tracks.