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corymbosa    0.947547

sessiliflora    0.946430

glabrescens    0.944505

randia    0.942933

pauciflora    0.940577

auriculata    0.937754

thyrsiflora    0.937226

serratum    0.935015

micrantha    0.934919

divaricata    0.934670

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Epacris longiflora Flowers are red-tubed with white lobes, or all white, peduncle to 2 mm long, and bracts usually long-acuminate. Sepals 4.5–6 mm long. Corolla tube 12–27 mm long and lobes are erect to spreading of about 2.4–4.4 mm in length. Anthers hidden in tube.The flowers are initially erect extending down branches,later pendent.
Epacris longiflora A highly regarded ornamental garden plant, "Epacris longiflora" was first cultivated in England in 1803. It grows in a variety of soils as long as the drainage is good, and does best in a partly shaded position.
Mertensia longiflora Mertensia longiflora is a species of flowering plant in the borage family known by the common names small bluebells and long bluebells.
Cyanea longiflora Cyanea longiflora (formerly "Rollandia longiflora") is a rare species of flowering plant in the bellflower family known by the common name ridge rollandia. It is endemic to Oahu where there are only three remaining occurrences in the northern Waianae Mountains for a total of under 300 individuals. It is a federally listed endangered species. Like other "Cyanea" it is known as haha in Hawaiian.
Melica longiflora Melica longiflora is a grass species in the Poaceae family that is endemic to Chile where it can be found from Coquimbo to Talca.
Guettarda longiflora Guettarda longiflora is a species of plant in the Rubiaceae family. It is endemic to Jamaica. It is threatened by habitat loss.
Horsfieldia longiflora Horsfieldia longiflora is a threatened species of plant in the Myristicaceae family. It is endemic to Vietnam. The species appears to be restricted to submontane evergreen forest.
Hippobroma longiflora Hippobroma longiflora (also called Star of Bethlehem, madamfate) is a flowering plant in the Campanulaceae family. It is endemic to the West Indies, but has become naturalized across the American tropics and Oceania.
Hippobroma longiflora It is notable for its concentrations of two pyridine alkaloids: lobeline and nicotine. The effects of nicotine and lobeline are quite similar, with psychoactive effects at small dosages and with unpleasant effects including vomiting, muscle paralysis, and trembling at higher dosages. For this reason, "H. longiflora" (and its various synonyms) is often referenced for both its toxicity and its ethnobotanical uses.
Billardiera longiflora Billardiera longiflora, the purple apple-berry, is a small Australian vine found in cool, moist forests from southern New South Wales to Tasmania, where it is native. It was described by French botanist Jacques Labillardière in 1805.