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Longaniza Puerto Rican style longaniza is made of pork, but also is made with chicken or turkey. The red orange color is from the addition of annatto seeds. Rice with longaniza is a popular dish.
Longaniza Unlike Spanish "chorizo", Filipino "longganisa" can also be made of chicken, beef, or even tuna. Commercial varieties are made into links, but homemade sausages may be simple patties.
Longaniza Since colonial times, Dominican style longaniza has been prepared with the juice of bitter oranges (or lime), garlic, oregano and salt. For the casing, pork intestines are used. Then the longaniza is left to cure in the sun for some days. It is eaten fried in its own fats or in vegetable oil. Quality varies considerably because it is generally home-made. Best quality longaniza usually has a 70% lean fat content.
Longaniza In Argentina and Uruguay, longaniza is a very long, cured and dried pork sausage that gets its particular flavour from ground anise seeds. This results in a very particular aroma, and a mildly sweet flavour that contrasts with the strong salty taste of the stuffing. It is used mainly as an appetizer or in sandwiches, and very rarely cooked.
Longaniza Below are other variants of longganisa in the Philippines (along with the province where it comes from):