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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for litis

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Blastobasis litis Blastobasis litis is a moth in the family Blastobasidae. It is found in Costa Rica.
Litis Stadium E & D Litis Stadium is a stadium in Leederville, Western Australia. Originally constructed in 1959 and officially opened on 14 March 1959 as a velodrome for the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games. The Floreat Athena Football (Soccer) Club moved to the velodrome in 1985 and is the sole lessee of the stadium. The stadium is part of the City of Vincent's Britannia Reserve, which is one the City's most popular sporting venues. The City signed a preliminary agreement with FIFA for the stadium to be used as a training venue if Australia was successful in gaining the right to host the 2022 World Cup, but Qatar were selected as hosts.
Blastobasis litis The length of the forewings is 5–6 mm. The forewings are greyish brown intermixed with greyish-brown scales tipped with pale greyish brown. The hindwings are translucent greyish brown, gradually darkening towards the apex.
Blastobasis litis The specific epithet is derived from Latin "litis" (meaning a legal controversy or action).
Litis Stadium The stadium is also the venue for the annual Community World Cup, which is organised by the Latin American Association of WA.
Litis Stadium The stadium was originally known as the Lake Monger Velodrome and was popularly known as the Velodrome. In 1998 the stadium was renamed the E & D Litis Stadium after Evangelos and Despo Litis donated $150,000 to the Floreat Athena club.
Pactum de quota litis A pactum de quota litis in the law of contract is an agreement by which the creditor of a sum difficult to recover promises a portion to the person who undertakes to recover it. Most often it is used in litigation, where one party provides funds for the other party's legal costs in exchange for a share of the proceeds should the case be successful.
Pactum de quota litis In general, attorneys will abstain from making such a contract, and it is not legal everywhere (France being one example of making this kind of agreement unlawful). And as a general rule, under the Code of Conduct issued by the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe, European lawyers are not permitted to charge for their services based on the principle of "pactum de quota litis". This code of conduct is not always applicable in its entirety to all European lawyers, but in several European countries it has direct effect e.g. in cross border matters. There are also European bar associations which prohibit "pactum de quota litis" on a national level.
South African law of sale Where property is the subject of an action "in rem", it becomes "res litigiosa at litis contestatio".
Oblation (legal) A similar term was the "oblatio litis", whereby someone took over a legal dispute as the defendant, without being the actual defendant.