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Lissone Lissone is a town and "comune" in the province of Monza and Brianza, Lombardy, Italy. Lissone is from Milan, which is the capital of the region to which the municipality belongs.
Lissone There are 1,029 industrial firms employing 3,838 people who represent 34.59% of the total of the workers. There are 948 service firms employing 2,879 people representing 8.54% of the total number of workers. There are also 1,077 firms employing 3,209 people representing 25.95% of the total number of workers. There are also 92 administrative offices employing 1,130 workers, representing 9.71% of the total number of workers. There is a total of 11,095 workers, who represent 32.21% of the inhabitants of the municipality.
Lissone Lissone received the honorary title of city by a presidential decree on November 27, 1982.
Lissone Lissone has a population of 42,474 inhabitants and an area of thus showing a population density of 4,719 inhabitants per square kilometre. It rises above sea level.
Lissone • Cunvegn e Baldirüna cun la Misericordia e la cassina San Mauro
Lissone Lissone is bounded by the municipality of Vedano al Lambro, Monza, Muggiò, Desio, Seregno, Albiate, Sovico, Macherio and Biassono.
Lissone The town of Lissone is subdivided into several zones, called frazioni (administrative) and quartieri :
Lissone The territory of the municipality lies between above sea level. The elevation span is thus . The city is served by the SS36- Highway of Lake of Como and Spluga and by the Milan–Chiasso railway line.
Lissone The municipality of Lissone had a population of 32,177 inhabitants according to the results of the national census made in 1991. After the national census made in 2001 the population was 34,450 inhabitants, thus showing during the years 1991–2001 a percentual variation of 7.06% inhabitants, principally due to the choice of the local administration to develop new buildings. The inhabitants were distributed in 12,690 families with an average of 2.71 people per family.
Lissone • Cruséta, da duè sa va a la Barégia, al San Giorcc a Santa Margherita e peu a l’ Alipranda cun cassina Bini e San Pedar