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Article Example
Lin Meijiao Lin Meijiao (; born 24 December 1963) is a Singaporean actress.
Lin Meijiao Lin has acted in many drama serials and is a multi-nominee for the Best Supporting Actress category at the annual Star Awards. She was awarded the Best Supporting Actress at the 1995 Shanghai International Film Festival for her role in the drama serial "Silk of Love".
Lin Meijiao Lin was educated at Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School.
Lin Meijiao Lin married actor Huang Yiliang in 1985, but divorced him in 1997. When interviewed in 2009, Huang attributed their split to their differences in characters and philosophies in life.
Lin Meijiao In 2002, her outstanding performance in "Brotherhood", a regional co-production starring Hong Kong artiste Jordan Chan and MediaCorp actor Christopher Lee, won her a nomination in the Best Supporting Actress category in the Star Awards.