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Liu Limin Liu Limin (; born March 27, 1976) is a former swimmer from China who won the silver medal in the 100 m butterfly at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. She attended college at the University of Nevada, Reno in the United States. She was inducted into the university's athletic hall of fame in 2010. Limin Liu won three NCAA individual championships during her career, winning the 200 m butterfly at the NCAA Championships in 1999 and the 100 m and 200 m fly in 2000. She holds school and Big West Conference records in the 100 m and 200 m fly. A three-time All-American, Liu was named the Big West Swimmer of the Year in 2000.
Baixing During the Western Zhou, Baixing came to mean "slaveowners" and Limin their slaves. , the terms Baixing and Limin came to refer to the same thing, the common people.
Shanghai Guohua Life Shanghai Guohua Life Women's Volleyball Team () is a Chinese professional women's volleyball team based in Shanghai that plays in the Chinese Volleyball League. The team has altogether won five league titles. Their head coach is Zhang Limin.
Hengshi, Ningxiang The town is divided into thirteen villages and one community: Hengshi Community (), Wangbaifeng Village (), Jinqi Village (), Yunshan Village (), Xiangyang Village (), Quanliu Village (), Hejin Village (), Limin Village (), Hengshi Village (), Tiechong Village (), Jietou Village (), Jinfeng Village (), Guansheng Village () and Renqiao Village ().
Porto Rafti Porto Rafti (), official name: "Limin Markopoulou" (), is a seaside resort town in East Attica, Greece. It is part of the municipality Markopoulo Mesogaias. In 2011, its population was 9,686.
Jia Chong Jia Chong then married Guo Huai (郭槐), a niece of the Wei general Guo Huai (郭淮). Guo Huai bore Jia Chong two daughters as well: Jia Nanfeng and Jia Wu (賈午). She also bore him a son, Jia Limin (賈黎民), but her unusual jealousy and cruelty doomed her son. One day, when Jia Limin was still a toddler, Jia Chong returned home and caressed his son, who was being carried by his wet nurse. Guo Huai saw this and misinterpreted it as her husband having an affair with the wet nurse, so she killed the wet nurse. Jia Limin was so distressed by his wet nurse's death that he fell sick and died. Guo Huai bore Jia Chong another (unnamed) son later, but the entire tragedy repeated itself when Guo Huai suspected her son's wet nurse of having an affair with her husband. Jia Chong had no son left to succeed him when he died.
Howard Morrison Attendees at his tangihanga (funeral) included Rotorua mayor Kevin Winter, Chinese ambassador Zhang Limin, Sir Michael Fay, MPs Tariana Turia, Georgina te Heuheu, Hekia Parata, Steve Chadwick and Rotorua MP Todd McClay, then former MP Winston Peters, Te Puni Kokiri chief executive Leith Comer and Māori king Tuheitia Paki.
China–Niue relations On 18 October 2008, Zhang Limin, China's first ambassador to Niue, presented his credentials to Niue Prime Minister Toke Talagi in the capital of Alofi. His credentials were accepted by the Niuean Premier. Mr. Zhang is also China's ambassador to New Zealand where he is based.
Sino-Pacific relations New Zealand recognises the People's Republic of China. Diplomatic relations were first established in 1972. China's ambassador to New Zealand, Zhang Limin, is also accredited to New Zealand's associated territories, the Cook Islands and, since 2008, Niue. The People's Republic of China in December 2007 became the first country to establish official diplomatic relations with Niue, and provides economic aid to the Cook Islands.
Foreign relations of Niue Despite self-rule, New Zealand manages its defence and foreign affairs on Niue's request. Like the Cook Islands, however, Niue has begun to establish formal diplomatic relations with sovereign states. with Niue. China's ambassador to New Zealand, Zhang Limin, is accredited to Niue, and became the first Chinese ambassador to present his credentials there in October 2008.