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Article Example
Mekaela Academies Construction of a second primary school, called "Likunda Primary School" (LPS) as a boarding school. Two school buildings, a dining hall and some provisional dormitories are erected.
Mekaela Academies Mekaela Heshima Primary School receives boarding facilities. Capacity at Lulu High School is extended from 200 to 300 pupils. Mekaela Academies operates two school farms with acreage of approx. 30 (12 ha) to sustain supply of basic foodstuff (maize, vegetables, milk) to the schools. Likunda Primary School and Lulu High School receive the donation of a solar power generation equipment from Phoenix Solar AG in Germany to provide independent power supply.
Mekaela Academies Mekaela Academies is the umbrella organization for five charitable private schools in Kenya. The Primary Section consists of classes from Standard 1 through to Standard 8, the Secondary Section consists of classes from Form 1 through to Form 4. Approximately 1,300 children attend the schools: "Manuel Alexander School", "Likunda Primary School", "Mekaela Heshima Primary School", "Mekaela Ratinga School" and "Lulu High School". More than half of the students have a scholarship from different local and international charities (status: November 2015).
Mekaela Academies Lulu High School (LHS) as well as parts of neighboring Likunda Primary School (LPS) being destroyed by a fire on Valentine's Day 2013. The damage amounts to around 30 million Kenya shillings (300,000 Euros) of which less than half is covered by insurance. A fund-raising campaign in Europe raises approx. 150,000 Euros and enables re-constructions of both schools by the end of 2013. Several terror attacks (December 2013) and the outbreak of Ebola in Africa (mid 2014) lead to a collapse of the tourism industry of Kenya's South Coast by more than 50%. Inevitably, hundreds of parents of Mekaela Academies pupils lose their jobs. In October 2014, Mekaela Ratinga Junior School joins Mekaela Academies as fifth school with a new concept. School fees at Ratinga are less than half of those of its sister schools in order to make education more affordable for children of families with very low incomes.