Top 10 similar words or synonyms for lighta

lightthe    0.707840

uncollimated    0.676188

lightb    0.663006

andilluminating    0.661165

andlight    0.657767

lightand    0.656497

retroreflects    0.647828

unpolarised    0.642045

untraviolet    0.631642

sourceslight    0.630563

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for lighta

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Myxogastria Mature plasmodia can produce fruit bodies under appropriate circumstances, the exact triggers for this process are unknown. According to laboratory researchers, changes in humidity, temperature or pH value as well as starvation periods were thought to be the triggers in some species. The plasmodia abandon their nutrient intake and crawl, attracted by lighta positive phototaxistowards a dry, light area, to get an optimal spread of the spores. Once the fructification begins, it can not be stopped. If disturbances occur, malformed spore-bearing fruit bodies are often produced.