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progestogen    0.838306

ethinylestradiol    0.821166

progestin    0.809472

norethindrone    0.805929

dienogest    0.797691

etonogestrel    0.796318

gestagen    0.794214

drospirenone    0.793980

gestodene    0.791748

oestradiol    0.785255

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Levonorgestrel Common side effects include nausea, breast tenderness, headaches, and increased, decreased, or irregular menstrual bleeding. When used as a form of emergency contraception, if pregnancy occurs, there is no evidence its use harms the baby. It is safe to use during breastfeeding. Birth control that contains levonorgestrel will not change the risk of sexually transmitted infections. It works mostly by decreasing ovulation and closing off the cervix to prevent the passage of sperm.
Levonorgestrel The primary mechanism of action of levonorgestrel as a progestogen-only emergency contraceptive pill is, according to International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO), to prevent fertilization by inhibition of ovulation and thickening of cervical mucus. FIGO has stated that: "review of the evidence suggests that LNG [levonorgestreol] ECPs cannot prevent implantation of a fertilized egg. Language on implantation should not be included in LNG ECP product labeling." In November 2013, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) approved a change to the label saying it cannot prevent implantation of a fertilized egg.
Levonorgestrel Other studies still find the evidence to be unclear. While it is unlikely that emergency contraception affects implantation it is impossible to completely exclude the possibility of post-fertilization effect.
Levonorgestrel Its "in vitro" relative binding affinities at human steroid hormone receptors are: 323% that of progesterone at the progesterone receptor, 58% that of testosterone at the androgen receptor, 17% that of aldosterone at the mineralocorticoid receptor, 7.5% that of cortisol at the glucocorticoid receptor, and <0.02% that of estradiol at the estrogen receptor.
Levonorgestrel At low doses, levonorgestrel is used in monophasic and triphasic formulations of combined oral contraceptive pills, with available monophasic doses ranging from 100-250 µg, and triphasic doses of 50 µg/75 µg/125 µg.
Levonorgestrel Levonorgestrel is used in emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs), both in a combined Yuzpe regimen which includes estrogen, and as a levonorgestrel-only method. The levonorgestrel-only method uses levonorgestrel 1.5 mg (as a single dose or as two 0.75 mg doses 12 hours apart) taken within 3 days of unprotected sex, with one study indicating that beginning as late as 120 hours (5 days) after intercourse could be effective.
Levonorgestrel In November 2013, the EMA also approved a change to the label for HRA Pharma's "NorLevo" saying: "In clinical trials, contraceptive efficacy was reduced in women weighing 75 kg [165 pounds] or more, and levonorgestrel was not effective in women who weighed more than 80 kg [176 pounds]." In November 2013 and January 2014, the FDA and the EMA said they were reviewing whether increased weight and body mass index (BMI) reduce the efficacy of emergency contraceptives.
Levonorgestrel Levonorgestrel is the active ingredient in Norplant and Jadelle.
Levonorgestrel If taken together with drugs that induce the CYP3A4 cytochrome liver enzyme, levonorgestrel may be metabolized faster and may have lower efficacy.
Levonorgestrel Levonorgestrel was first introduced in 1968, as an oral contraceptive in combination with ethinylestradiol.