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Leul Abate Four hours later, the plane was nearly out of fuel as it approached the Comoros islands. Leul's co-pilot, Yonas Mekuria, had been attacked with an axe. The communications system in the airplane had been disabled. The hijackers ignored his plea to land at the Comoros's Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport, and instead, one of them, drinking a bottle of whisky, decided to fly the plane himself.
Leul Abate Leul had been in two previous hijackings. The first, was on 12 April 1992 on Flight ETH574, a Boeing 727-260. Two hijackers with hand grenades entered the cockpit. Leul was forced to fly to Nairobi. The second was on 17 March 1995, flying a Boeing 737-260. The hijackers held a hostess hostage, entered the cockpit and told Leul to fly to Sweden. In both cases, Leul had landed safely and no one was hurt.
Leul Abate Captain Leul Abate (Ge'ez: born 1954) is an Ethiopian pilot who piloted Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961, which was hijacked on 23 November 1996, fifteen minutes out from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, by three Ethiopians seeking political asylum in Australia. The plane crashed in the Indian Ocean near The Comoros after running out of fuel, killing 125 of the 175 passengers and crew on board.
Leul Abate When the plane ran out of fuel, both engines failed. Leul and Yonas Mekuria, bleeding and bruised, fought with the hijackers. Leul used a ram air turbine to preserve the aircraft's most essential functions, but in this mode some hydraulic systems—such as the flaps—were inoperative. This forced Leul to land at more than 175 knots (320 kilometres per hour).
Leul Abate Leul observed that, "[The hijackers] knew they wouldn't make it to Australia - they just wanted us to crash. They should be dead. The way they were talking they didn't want to live."
Leul Abate 125 of the 175 passengers and crew members, including the three hijackers were killed. Both pilots survived the crash and Leul continues to fly for Ethiopian Airlines.
Leul Abate Still fighting with the hijackers, Abate tried to ditch the aircraft in shallow waters 500 metres off Le Galawa Beach Hotel near Mitsamiouli at the northern end of Grande Comore island, however, at the last moment, one of the hijackers grabbed the controls. The left engine and wingtip struck the water first, causing the aircraft to break up. Island residents and tourists, including a group of scuba divers and some French doctors on holiday, came to the aid of crash survivors.
Leul Abate Leul considers Yonas the real hero. The co-pilot fought the hijackers while he himself was bruised and bleeding, giving time for Leul to land the airplane. "He was a life-saver," Leul said.
Guenete Leul Palace The Guenete Leul Palace ("Paradise of Princes") is a palace in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was built by Emperor Haile Selassie in 1930. The Emperor and his family made the palace their main residence, but the seat of government remained at the Imperial Palace. After the Second Italo-Abyssinian War and the Italian occupation, the palace became the residence of the Italian viceroy. Emperor Haile Selassie moved back to the palace when he returned from exile after the Second World War. During a coup attempt in 1960 several government officials were massacred in the palace. In light of this, the emperor moved to the Jubilee Palace. He gave the Guenete Leul Palace to the Haile Selassie University, which was renamed Addis Ababa University in 1974. The palace was renamed Ras Makonnen hall after the father of the emperor.
Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 Leul and Yonas both survived. For his actions, Leul was awarded the Flight Safety Foundation Professionalism in Flight Safety Award.