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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for letsibogo

Article Example
Letsibogo Dam The local government was planning to build a 5-star eco-lodge and a game reserve.
Letsibogo Dam Mean annual precipitation is about in the catchment area above the dam.
Letsibogo Dam Some blamed the problem in part to slow repair of leaking pipelines.
Letsibogo Dam In 2011 the government announced plans to upgrade the infrastructure round the dam, include roads, sewage and drinking water,
Letsibogo Dam It is very variable, with rainfall less than 40% of the average expected in one year in seven.
Letsibogo Dam The dam is part of the North-South Carrier Water Project, which includes other dams, water transmission systems and water treatment works,
Letsibogo Dam and to create the first artificial beach in Botswana on the northern part of Letsibogo dam.
Letsibogo Dam The Letsibogo Dam is a dam on the Motloutse River in Botswana, built to initially provide water to the industrial town of Selebi-Phikwe and surrounding local areas, with potential for use in irrigation.
Letsibogo Dam The climate is tropical and semi-arid, with 90% of rainfall during the period from November to March.
Letsibogo Dam It is operated by the Water Utilities Corporation.