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tiger_panthera_tigris    0.925871

lion_panthera_leo    0.907083

indochinese_leopard    0.887356

wild_boar_sus_scrofa    0.883554

panthera_pardus    0.881690

cheetah_acinonyx_jubatus    0.880378

order_artiodactyla_even    0.880087

jungle_cat_felis    0.877612

helmeted_guineafowl    0.875852

toed_ungulates    0.874884

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Article Example
Leopard (disambiguation) The leopard ("Panthera pardus") is one of the five "big cats" in the genus "Panthera".
Sri Lankan leopard The Sri Lankan leopard ("Panthera pardus kotiya") is a leopard subspecies native to Sri Lanka that was first described in 1956 by the Sri Lankan zoologist Deraniyagala.
Sinai leopard The Sinai leopard ("Panthera pardus jarvisi") is a leopard population that used to be considered a subspecies until 1996 from the Sinai peninsula.
Erindi Private Game Reserve The large carnivores that can be found in the reserve include the Cheetah ("Acinonyx jubatis"), Leopard ("Panthera pardus"), Lion ("Panthera leo"), Brown Hyena ("Hyaena brunnea"), Spotted Hyena ("Crocuta crocuta"), and African Wild Dog ("Lycaon pictus)".
African leopard The African leopard ("Panthera pardus pardus") is the leopard nominate subspecies native to many countries in Africa. It is widely distributed in most of sub-Saharan Africa, but the historical range has been fragmented in the course of habitat conversion.
Big five game The leopard ("Panthera pardus") is a large, carnivorous feline having either tawny fur with dark rosette-like markings or black fur. Of the big five, it is most difficult to acquire hunting licenses for leopards.
Lagoas Cufada Natural Park Other animals found at the site include; Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius), Waterbuck (Kobus ellipsiprymnus), Roan antelope (Hippotragus equinus), African buffalo (Syncerus caffer), Leopard (Panthera pardus), Hyenas and African dwarf crocodile (Osteolaemus tetraspis).
North-Chinese leopard The North-Chinese leopard ("Panthera pardus japonensis"), also known as North China leopard, is a leopard subspecies native to northern China. Population data are not available from the wild.
Zanzibar leopard The Zanzibar leopard ("Panthera pardus adersi") was described as a leopard subspecies by Pocock in 1932. Following genetic analysis in the 1990s, this population is grouped with the African leopard ("P. p. pardus").
Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary • Carnivores are: jackal ("Canis aureus"), fox ("Vulpes vulpes"), Himalayan black bear ("Selenarctos thibetanus") (V), yellow-throated marten ("Martes flavigula"), leopard cat ("Felis bengalensis"), leopard ("Panthera pardus") (T) and snow leopard ("Uncia uncia").