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Jordan, Guimaras In 1918, the municipality was formed when it separated from Buenavista, with Valeriano Villanueva as the first appointed "Presidente Municipal". After elections in 1919, Hugo Chávez became the next mayor, followed by Licerio Segovia (1921-1923), Alberto Gonzaga (1923-1925), Feliz Ronzales (1925-1928), Hilario Nava (1929-1932), again Hugo Chávez (1932-1938), and Leodegario Galarpe (1939-1941).
Valencia History Museum The MhV is located in what was once the city`s deposit of drinking water, built in 1850 by Ildefonso Cerdá and Leodegario Marchessaux. The building was designed by Calixto Santa Cruz. Representing a beautiful example of Valencian industrial architecture, it was the first engineering project in Valencia in the nineteenth century.
Christian and Missionary Alliance Churches of the Philippines Rev. de Jesus served until 1960 when Rev. Dulaca was elected again as CAMACOP president. Unfortunately, Rev. Dulaca suddenly died of a heart attack on September 18, 1962. Dulaca left a legacy as the founding president of the denomination. He was then succeeded by Vice-President Rev. Leodegario Madrigal. Rev. Madrigal was elected to a full term as president in 1963.
St. Leger family The family of St. Leger ( ) (Latinized to "De Sancto Leodegario") is an old Anglo-Irish family with Norman roots, that in some cases transformed into Selinger or Sellinger). It is first recorded in England as lord of the manor of Ulcombe in Kent. John St Leger (died 1441) of Ulcombe was Sheriff of Kent in 1430.
STI West Negros University West Negros College was founded in 1948 by three Baptist women leaders - Luciana Aritao, Teresa Padilla and Rosario Remitio. They believed that the school would fulfill their dream of Filipinos embracing Christian ideals and tenets. Leodegario Natividad Agustin became the school President in the 1970s; he provided the impetus, despite financial odds, to make West Negros College a successful academic community.
University of San Agustin Publications As the Marcos dictatorship tightened its grip over the nation, students in major universities especially in Manila and parts of Western Visayas became more active, spearheading the movement for reforms. The student ferment in San Agustin boiled over through the student council, led by it president, Linda Marie Palma, who, in 1967-68 was also editor of the Mirror after Segovia. Leodegario Tabios took over the Mirror during the lead-up to the First Quarter Storm and tried to influence the studentry towards centrist politics. (Palma and Tabios were married in 1971)
Valencia History Museum The Museum is situated inside the first underground reservoir of drinking water in Valencia which was built by Ildefonso Cerdá (who later designed the Eixample of Barcelona) and Leodegario Marchessaux for the needs of the city. The reservoir was inaugurated in 1850 and was the first of its kind in Spain. Built entirely in brick, it is an outstandingly beautiful piece of nineteenth century industrial architecture. The mere contemplation of the arcades suggests a feeling of serenity and peace and seduces the gaze. Formerly unknown to the general public, the building contributes beauty to the surrounding area.
Marikina Science High School Marikina Science High School was founded on 18 July 1947 as Marikina Junior High School through Municipal Council Resolution No. 59 s. 1947. This is done to jump start higher education in the town of Marikina, which was then under the administration of Gil Fernando. Fernando then became regarded as the "Father of Secondary Education" in Marikina, who worked together with Tomas L. Santos after World War II to recognize his integrity, eloquence and learning for the rehabilitation of schools. In 1952, it changed its name to the Leodegario Victorino Memorial High School (LVMHS) in honor of Leodegario Victorino, former councilor of Marikina, Marikina School of Arts and Trades (MSAT) in 1957, and Marikina Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) in 1978. This is where Marikina Science High School traces its origin. On November 8, 2001, the secondary level was separated from Marikina Institute of Science and Technology, giving way to the establishment of what is now Marikina Science High School. Meanwhile, through Republic Act 9289, the college sector of MIST was renamed as Marikina Polytechnic College (MPC) in 2004.
Zumarraga, Samar Growth of population increased chiefly by the immigrants from neighboring places. With the increased of population followed an increased in industry and business particularly in fishing. It was during this rapid development that the wharf and a part of the break water “Sea wall” was constructed. The most illustrious son of Zumaraga, the late Hon. Pedro R. Arteche, represented his people in the constitutional convention in 1936, who subsequently occupied the gubernatorial seat of the provinces of Samar. During this period the elected town executive were known as “Mayor”. The elected town mayors up to the outbreak of the second World War were: 1936-1938 Maayor: Emilio Zeta; Vice Mayor: Leodegario Carcellar; 1939-Mayor: Francisco Zosa; Vice Mayor: Francisco Castillo.
San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro In 1995, retired military Major Oscar Aldaba was elected mayor of San Teodoro. He renovated the present Municipal Building and transferred the Police Station adjacent to the Multi-Purpose Center. He initiated the construction of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology building. Under his term, he upholds discipline and promotes the clean and green movement. His diligence to obtain public funds from higher government agencies resulted in the granting of heavy equipments to the municipality and the concreting of municipal and part of national road in San Teodoro during the time of Governor Rodolfo G. Valencia. It was during his term when the Chief of Police of San Teodoro, Leodegario Torno was murdered along the National Road in Lumangbayan allegedly by members of the communist New People's Army (NPA).