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Lenzing In November 1944, the first transport of 500 women from Auschwitz came to Lenzing to work in the newly opened local subcamp of Mauthausen concentration camp which was located in the Lenzinger suburb of Pettighofen. Eventually 600 female prisoners, mainly Jewish women came to Lenzing from Auschwitz, and a few others came from Ravensbrück and the main camp at Mauthausen. The SS staff in the small subcamp included mainly SS men as well as a small contingent of SS women. Frau Schmidt served in her capacities as Lagerführerin, or female commandant. Her main boss was Mauthausen commandant Franz Ziereis who commanded all of the subcamps in Austria. Later Margarete Freinberger became an Oberaufseherin in the camp under Schmidt. Only one other female overseer is known today, Maria Kunik. Attitudes by the former guards was reported as arrogant and brutal, but not as horrible as in Mauthausen proper. The prisoners in the Lenzing camp worked for the Lenzing AG company making artificial wool. Many women in fact died from the work, and others perished in the Mauthausen gas chambers when they could no longer work. In the winter of January 1945, a group of prisoners were severely injured when a train carrying supplies to the camp derailed. The SS sent them, along with any other prisoners who could no longer work to Mauthausen where they were gassed. The women "cried and wailed all the way to the main camp." In May 1945 the American Army neared the Lenzing camp. The SS staff fled after Lagerführerin Schmidt gave a speech to the surviving women as to not "dishonor them". On 5 May 1945 the US Army liberated 565 women from the Lenzing subcamp.
Lenzing Lenzing is a small town of approximately 5,000 residents, three kilometers north of Lake Attersee in Austria, It is located in the Upper Austrian part of the Salzkammergut.
Lenzing Lenzing's economy is partly based on tourism, but the town is much more known as an industrial site; it is the world headquarters of Lenzing AG, which is the world leader in the production of cellulose-based fiber such as viscose and Lyocell. , it manufactures one-fifth of the world's cellulose fiber.
Lenzing AG Lenzing AG is a company based in Lenzing, Austria, whose main business is textile and nonwovens cellulose fibers (such as modal and lyocell) and also makes some polymer plastics. Lenzing Group is an international group of companies with its headquarters in Austria, and production sites in all major markets.
Lenzing AG The company's history goes back to 1892 when Emil Hamburger, an industrialist, operated a paper mill in Lenzing, Austria. In 1938 Zellwolle Lenzing AG was founded, starting pulp and viscose fiber production and in 1962 the company's name was changed to Chemiefaser Lenzing AG. The old calcium bisulphite method was used for fiber production until 1963, when the new more eco-friendly magnesium bisulphite method was introduced. In 1975 the company established a department responsible for the environment and introduced a more "green" bleaching process for pulp in 1977. In 1984 the company name changed to Lenzing AG and its shares were listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange in 1986.
Lenzing AG Lenzing Group has international branch offices in the United States and Asia (China, India, Indonesia). Its production facilities are located mainly within the European Union, with the fibers being produced in Austria, United Kingdom, the US, China, and Indonesia, while its plastics factories are located in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, and the US. The pulp is produced in the Czech Republic and the engineering research is done in Lenzing, Austria which is also the largest integrated pulp and viscose fiber production site worldwide.
Lenzing AG Total 2009 sales were EUR 1.25 billion, with a workforce of 6,021. The main fiber markets of Lenzing are Asia (52%) and Europe (39%). The majority owner of Lenzing, with 90.15% of voting rights, is B & C Industrieholding GmbH along with its subsidiaries. As of 2007, the corporate group has an annual production of over 500,000 tons of fibers, over 27,000 tons of plastics, and over 80,000 tons of paper. The paper division was sold out in 2008.
Lenzing AG In April 2015, Lenzing sold its German subsidiary Dolan, along with Kelheim and a 91-percent stake in European Carbon Fiber GmbH to WHEB Partners' Growth Fund 2 and Jan Verdenhalven. The sale price remains confidential.
Lenzing AG The company initially focused solely on fiber production, but it needed plastic wrappings for its fiber bales, so Lenzing Plastics was founded to produce them. The plastics division is still active, making 11.7% of total sales in 2009.
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