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laomenes    0.759826

phthiotides    0.754186

crithote    0.753900

apisaon    0.752972

panamurex    0.752716

favonia    0.751643

thaumacus    0.750190

isocrinus    0.748405

cladognathus    0.746803

pachnobia    0.745765

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Lelaps striaticeps Lelaps striaticeps is a species of Hymenoptera in the family Pteromalidae. The scientific name of this species was first published 1911 by Strand.
List of decommissioned ships of the Hellenic Navy Seven former German Navy "Type 141" torpedo boats. Four "Esperos" class torpedo boats (Esperos, Lelaps, Typhon, Kyklon) were sold in public auction on May 18, 2009.
Orphans of Chaos Other characters in the novel participate in this pattern of multiple identities. Reginald Boggin, the headmaster of the children's school, is actually Boreas, the ancient Greek personification of the north wind. His staff is composed of a Thessalian witch, a cyclops, and similar exotic beings. The music teacher, Miss Daw, is Thelxiepia the siren. The caretaker, Mr. Glum is the human form of Grendel, the monster from "Beowulf." Glum's talking dog is Lelaps, the hunting hound of Artemis.
Laelaps (mythology) Laelaps () (, "gen".: Λαίλαπος) (Lelaps, Lalaps, Lailaps) was a Greek mythological dog who never failed to catch what she was hunting. In one version of Laelaps' origin, she was a gift from Zeus to Europa. The hound was passed down to King Minos. Procris's husband, Cephalus, decided to use the hound to hunt the Teumessian fox, a fox that could never be caught. This was a paradox: a dog who always caught his prey versus a fox that could never be caught. The chase went on until Zeus, perplexed by their contradictory fates, turned both to stone and cast them into the stars as the constellations Canis Major (Laelaps) and Canis Minor (the Teumessian fox).