Top 10 similar words or synonyms for learn

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for learn

Article Example
Blackboard Learn Blackboard Learn (previously the Blackboard Learning Management System), is a virtual learning environment and course management system developed by Blackboard Inc. It is Web-based server software which features course management, customizable open architecture, and scalable design that allows integration with student information systems and authentication protocols. It may be installed on local servers or hosted by Blackboard ASP Solutions. Its main purposes are to add online elements to courses traditionally delivered face-to-face and to develop completely online courses with few or no face-to-face meetings.
Blackboard Learn On October 17, 2012 Michael Chasen, CEO and co-founder of Blackboard, announced that he was leaving the company he founded 15 years earlier.
CBe-learn CBe-learn offers full Jr High and Sr High courses in an online environment, including core academic and complimentary courses.
CBe-learn Students and teachers interact online through web-based tools, or face-to-face during teacher office hours.
CBe-learn CBe-learn also offers a homeschooling option for students in grades 1 through 9. This teacher-supported homeschooling program allows families the option of a fully homeschooled option, or a blended environment where certified teachers as well as parents act as the students' teachers.
Learn Local Learn Locals deliver both pre-accredited and accredited training. Accredited training results in a qualification under the Australian Qualifications Framework. Pre-accredited training builds skills for further study or to get a job. To be part of the Learn Local network, an organisation must be registered with the Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board.
Learn Local The education and training delivered by Learn Local organisations is grouped into pre-accredited and accredited courses.
Learn Local Learn Local organisations may also receive funding from other state and federal government departments and philanthropic organisations.
Learn Local The 2014 Learn Local Award winners were announced by the Minister for Higher Education and Skills, the Hon. Nick Wakeling, MP, at a presentation dinner on Thursday 28 August. There were winners in a number of categories, as outlined below:
Learn Local CALD Education & Employment Pathways, Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre