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auriculata    0.948231

paniculatum    0.941862

randia    0.939568

laxiflora    0.939064

oblongifolia    0.937970

speciosum    0.933467

multifida    0.932075

longiflora    0.931891

corymbosa    0.930680

divaricata    0.930567

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Grevillea laurifolia Grevillea laurifolia, commonly known as the laurel-leaf grevillea, is a spreading prostrate shrub native to eastern Australia.
Naravelia laurifolia Naravelia laurifolia is a species of vine in the Ranunculaceae family. Its inflorescence contains several light greenish yellow flowers. This plant can be found in South Asia and Southeast Asia.
Pteralyxia laurifolia Pteralyxia laurifolia, also called ridged pteralyxia, is a species of plant in the Apocynaceae family. It is endemic to the Island of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands. The species is listed as vulnerable, threatened by habitat loss.
Thunbergia laurifolia Iridoid glucosides have been isolated from "T. laurifolia" (Kanchanapoom "et al.", 2002). Microwave-dried leaves displayed stronger antioxidant properties (AOP) than fresh leaves (Chan & Lim, 2006). AOP of infusion from microwave-dried leaves were higher than the commercial rang jeud tea from Thailand.
Quercus laurifolia Quercus laurifolia (swamp laurel oak, diamond-leaf oak, water oak, obtusa oak, laurel oak) is a medium-sized semi-evergreen oak in the red oak section "Quercus" sect. "Lobatae". It is native to the southeastern and south-central the United States, from coastal Virginia to central Florida and west to southeast Texas. There are reports of the species growing in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but these probably represent introductions.
Quercus laurifolia Swamp laurel oak grows rapidly and usually matures in about 50 years which has led to its wide use as an ornamental. It is host to the general oak-feeding insects but has no serious insect problems. Several species of "Curculio" weevils infest the acorns.
Quercus laurifolia The botanist C.J. Burke suggested that swamp laurel oak is of hybrid origin having been derived from willow oak "(Quercus phellos)" and water oak "(Quercus nigra)"; it is not found outside the ranges of the two supposed parental species. This conclusion was based on an index from leaf-shape on seedlings grown from acorns. However, this theory has not achieved wide support, with current authors accepting "Quercus laurifolia" as a distinct species "(e.g. Flora of North America)."
Quercus laurifolia It needs between of rainfall a year. From of this is received during the growing season from April to September.
Centronia laurifolia Centronia laurifolia is a species of plant in the Melastomataceae family. It is endemic to Peru.
Thomandersia laurifolia Thomandersia laurifolia is a small tree or shrub native to Central Africa. Some residents where the tree grows use the leaves of the plant for antiparasitic properties and to relieve fevers. The western lowland gorilla ("Gorilla gorilla gorilla") is known to eat the leaves of the plant, possibly also for pharmaceutical purposes, as the leaves are bitter.