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Marc David Alba Lasource Elected (30 August 1791) as a representative of the Department of Tarn to the Legislative Assembly (1791–1792). He was appointed a member of the Extraordinary Commission of Twelve (12 August 1792 - 21 September 1792)
Marc David Alba Lasource Born in Anglès, in the Department of Tarn in southwest France. A Huguenot, he studied theology at the seminary of Lausanne, Switzerland and received a certificate of consecration on 18 June 1784. He went on to hold the position of secretary at the provincial synod of Haut-Languedoc (1 May 1788) and served as a Protestant minister at Castres
Marc David Alba Lasource In some sources, his first name is recorded as Marie-David; La Source (Lasource) is a nom de guerre adopted by Alba as a Protestant priest prosecuted by official authorities. Jean Bon Saint-André and Jean-Paul Rabaut Saint-Étienne changed their names under similar circumstance.
Marc David Alba Lasource Marc-David Alba also known as Marc-David Lasource (22 January 1763 - 31 October 1793) was a French statesman during the French Revolution, and a supporter of the Girondist faction during the National Convention.
Marc David Alba Lasource Alba was elected (3 September 1792) to the National Convention (1792–1793) once again as a deputy for Tarn, and he developed ties with the Girondist faction. He nevertheless voted for the death sentence in the trial of Louis XVI. He was sent on a mission to Nice, a city recently conquered by the French armies, and called its unification with France. He also served as a member of the Committee of General Security (24 January 1793 - April 1793) and as President of the National Convention (18 April 1793 - 2 May 1793). He made many powerful enemies, including Georges Danton, who he accused of complicity in the treason of General Dumouriez (1 Apr 1793). With the fall of the Girondists he was proscribed (2 June 1793) and removed from the Convention, and ultimately condemned to death by the revolutionary tribunal (30 October 1793); guillotined (31 October 1793).
Adam Stewart (business executive) In December 2013, the company’s opened their first resort in Grenada, Sandals LaSource Grenada.
La Source, Haiti Lasource sustained heavy damage in the 2010 Haiti earthquake, and around half the structures in the town were damaged or destroyed.
Two Dickinson Street Co-op Josue Lajeunesse, former custodian at 2D (currently custodian at Whitman College, Princeton University), was one of the main subjects of the documentary film "The Philosopher Kings", and is an active humanitarian working to make clean water accessible to his village of Lasource, Haiti.
Girondins A group of deputies from elsewhere became associated with these views, most notably the Marquis de Condorcet, Claude Fauchet, Marc David Lasource, Maximin Isnard, the Comte de Kersaint, Henri Larivière, and, above all, Jacques Pierre Brissot, Jean Marie Roland and Jérôme Pétion, who was elected mayor of Paris in succession to Jean Sylvain Bailly on 16 November 1791.
Tunica people It was another 150 years before another European group recorded the Tunica. In 1699 when encountered by the LaSource expedition (coming downriver from Canada), the Tunica were a modest-sized tribe numbering only a few hundred warriors, with about 900 people in total. While the Spanish had been in their territory only for a short time, their encounter had devastating effects. The accidental introduction of Eurasian infectious diseases, such as smallpox, ravaged the native populations, who had no acquired immunity. In addition, the expedition had played off local political rivalries, causing more conflict.