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Dialogic public relations theory The dialogic theory has been extended to explain how various organizations build dialogic relationships with publics through websites (Esrock & Leichty, 1999; Taylor, Kent, & White, 2001; Kent et al., 2003), blogs (Seltzer & Mitrook, 2007), and social media such as Facebook (Sweetser & Lariscy, 2008; Bortree & Seltzer, 2009) and Twitter (Rybalko & Seltzer, 2010). For instance, Esrock and Leichty (1999) studied the dialogic capacity of organizational Web sites and found that only a minority of Fortune 500 organizations employed Kent and Taylor’s (1998) principles of dialogic communication. Another study examined how environmental advocacy organizations employed dialogic strategies on their Facebook profiles and found that using dialogic strategies led to greater dialogic engagement between organizations and visitors (Bortree & Seltzer, 2009).