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Largy The village is a linear settlement with a church, primary school and other community facilities. In recent years, new housing at Brookfield Park and Pollysbrae Road has led to the rise in population.
Largy Largy () is a small hamlet and townland in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland. It is 5 km south of Limavady, beside the B192 Limavady to Dungiven road. In 1991, its population was 90 but in the 2001 Census this had risen to 144. It is situated within Causeway Coast and Glens district.
List of towns and villages in Northern Ireland Lack, Lambeg, Landahaussy, Largy, Larne, Laurelvale, Lawrencetown, Letterbreen, Lettershendoney, Limavady, Lisbellaw, Lislea, Lisnadill, Lisnarick, Lisnaskea, Listooder, Loughbrickland, Loughgall, Loughgilly, Loughguile, Loughinisland, Loughmacrory, Loup, Lower Ballinderry, Lurgan, Lurganare, Lurganure, Lurganville. Leitrim
Blacklion The original name of the village was Largay (also Largy, Largain, Largin and Largan, from the Gaelic "Leargaidh" meaning a hillside), which was a "túath" belonging to the Coffey McGoverns, a sub-sept of the McGovern clan, from the 8th century until the Plantation of Ulster in the 17th century. King James I then granted it to Nicholas Pynner in the following grant:
List of Irish Presbyteries Aghadowey, Ballyrashane, Ballywatt, Ballywillan, Balteagh, Banagher, Boveedy, Bovevagh, Castlerock, Coleraine - First, Coleraine - Terrace Row, Coleraine - New Row, Coleraine - Hazelbank, Coleraine - Ballysally, Crossgar, Derramore, Dunboe - First, Dunboe - Second, Dungiven, Drumachose, Garvagh - First, Garvagh - Main Street, Killaig, Kilrea - First, Kilrea - Second, Largy, Limavady - First, Limavady - Second, Macosquin, Magilligan, Moneydig, Myroe, Portrush, Portstewart, Portstewart - Burnside, Ringsend.
Blacklion Patent 13 James I. XL-8. 14th December. Grant from the king to Nich Pynner, Gent. Cavan Co. In Largy, or Largin Ter. The Precinct of Toom, containing 4 polls, called Gortnesillagh, Mullaghgarrowe, Rossan and Ture or Toore. Total rent £1-12-0 English. To hold for ever, as of the Castle of Dublin, in common socage.
Disney Fairies To date, two of the characters from the Disney Fairies franchise have appeared in ABC's fantasy drama series "Once Upon a Time". Tinker Bell appears as a recurring character played by Rose McIver and debuts in the third episode of Season Three. Silvermist appeared in the spin-off "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" in the second episode of Season One where she is played by Jordana Largy.
List of townlands in County Fermanagh Lack, Lackaghboy, Lacky, Lamb Island, Lammy, Lanaghran, Landbrock, Lankill, Lanmore, Lannaght, Laragh, Largalinny, Larganacarran, Largandoy, Largy, Larkhill, Larmore, Lattonagh, Lattone, Laughill, Lavaran, Lea, Leaghan, Leam, Leam Beg, Leambreslen, Leamnamoyle, Lebally, Leeffa, Legacurry, Legaduff, Legatillida, Legg, Leggs, Leginn, Legland, Leglehid, Legmacaffry, Legnabrocky, Legnagay Beg, Legnagay More, Legnahorna, Legnavea, Lehill, Lehinch, Leighan, Leitrim, Lenaghan, Leraw, Lergan, Lesky, Lettan, Letter, Letterbailey, Letterboy, Letterbreen, Lettergreen, Letterkeen, Lettermoney, Levaghy, Levally Lower, Lignameeltoge, Lisadearny, Lisblake, Lisbofin, Lisboy, Liscosker, Liscreevin, Lisdead, Lisderry, Lisdivrick, Lisdoodan, Lisdrum, Lisduff, Lisgally, Lisgoole, Lisingle, Liskilly, Lislarris, Lislea, Lismacsheela, Lismalore, Lismonaghan, Lismoonly, Lisnabane, Lisnadurk Glebe South, Lisnagole, Lisnaknock, Lisnamallard, Lisnashillida, Lisnavoe, Lisnawesnagh, Lisolvan, Lisoneill, Lisrace, Lisreagh, Lisroddy, Lisroon, Lissagorry Glebe, Lissan, Littlehill, Littlemount, Lockard Big, Loftus Island, Lonesome Island, Longfield, Long Island, Longrob, Long Rock, Loughachork, Loughgare, Lough Hill, Loughkillygreen, Lowery, Lowerybane, Lugmore, Lurgan, Lurganbane, Lurganboy, Lurganclabby, Lurgandarragh Big, Lurgandarragh Little, Lurganboy, Lusty Beg, Lusty Beg Island, Lusty More, Lusty More Island
List of townlands in County Antrim Ladyhill, Lagavara, Lagflugh, Lagmore, Lambeg North, Landhead, Laney, Langarve, Largy, Largymore, Lavin Lower, Layd, Lealies, Leamore or Glenville, Leck, Leeke, Legacurry, Legagrane, Legaloy, Legatirriff, Legg, Legnagooly, Legoniel, Leitrim Lemnagh Beg, Lemnalary, Lemnalary Mountain, Lenagh, Leymore, Libbert East, Ligadaughtan, Limavallaghan, Liminary, Limnaharry, Linford, Lisbellanagroagh Beg, Lisboy, Lisbreen, Liscolman, Lisconnan, Lisglass, Lisheegan, Lislaban, Lislagan Lower, Lislunnan, Lismacloskey, Lismenary, Lismorrity, Lismurnaghan, Lisnabilla, Lisnabraugh, Lisnacrogher, Lisnafillon, Lisnagarran, Lisnagarvy, Lisnagat, Lisnagaver, Lisnagreggan, Lisnagunogue Lower, Lisnahay North, Lisnahilt, Lisnahunshin, Lisnalinchy, Lisnamanny, Lisnamurrikin, Lisnarick, Lisnasoo, Lisnataylor, Lisnawhiggel, Lisnevanagh, Lisnisk, Lisrodden, Lissanduff or Bushfoot, Lisserluss, Lissue or Teraghafeeva, Little Deer Park, Livery Lower, Loan, Lockstown, Longfield, Long Gilbert, Longmore, Longtown, Loonburn, Losset, Loughan, Loughconnelly, Loughduff, Loughermore, Loughhill, Loughloughan, Loughlynch, Loughmagarry, Loughrelisk, Love's Corkey, Lower Broghindrummin or Tavnaghranny, Lower Tullykittagh, Lowtown, Lubitavish, Lurgansemanus, Lurganteneil, Lurganure, Lurgan West, Lurgill