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tannheim    0.694822

hubertusberg    0.694529

waldhaus    0.673510

jesuitengarten    0.672366

todtenrode    0.665102

saaleck    0.664579

eisenerzer    0.663706

burgweg    0.657936

vordere    0.656319

wasserschloss    0.650883

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Drachenfels (Central Palatinate Forest) Other tourist destinations in the area of the Drachenfels include the "Siegfriedsbrunnen" spring, the unoccupied forester's lodge of Kehrdichannichts, the ruins of the Murrmirnichtviel and Schaudichnichtum forester's lodges, the Lambertskreuz cross, first recorded in 1280 and the oldest wayside cross in the Palatinate region, the managed "Lambertskreuz Hut", the "Saupferch" forest inn and the leisure and wildlife park of, the Kurpfalz Park.
Walking routes in the Palatine Forest Yellow bar: the third path with this waymarking runs from Glanbrücken to Eiswoog, Frankenstein, Friedrichsbrunnen, Lambertskreuz and Wachenheim.
Walking routes in the Palatine Forest Green and white bars: starting at Wasener Kreuz (west of Hertlingshausen, on the A6 motorway) this route runs through Lambertskreuz, Neidenfels, Esthal, Breitenstein, Forsthaus Heldenstein and St. Martin.
Walking routes in the Palatine Forest Red bar: another sign used on several paths. For the first one, see above in the section on international long distance paths. The second one is a very short trail starting at Lambertskreuz, then running via Neidenfels, Lambrecht and Hellerplatz to Breitenstein.
Walking routes in the Palatine Forest The Saar-Rhine-Main long distance path ("Fernwanderweg Saar-Rhein-Main") is signed with a yellow cross and runs through the Palatine Forest and Rhenish Hesse to the River Main, more specifically from Homburg via Höheinöd, Waldfischbach, the Hundsweiher Sawmill and the Schwarzbachtal to Johanniskreuz. From there it continues through Elmstein, along the Helmbach to Erfenstein, then via Lambrecht to the Palatine Forest Club hut of "Lambertskreuz". The last stage of the path within the Palatine Forest runs over the Hardenburg, Altleiningen and Eisenberg to Rhenish Hesse, and there via Alzey to Wörth am Main.