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danglas    0.748479

ortile    0.740024

caraan    0.737563

junsay    0.736605

sanjuanelo    0.732138

namnama    0.731275

hermelinda    0.725427

santillian    0.720395

lomboy    0.719396

jabines    0.719078

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Article Example
Greg Laconsay In 1966, Laconsay was the chief editor for the magazine "Bannawag". He became an assistant director for editorials at "Liwayway Publishing, Inc.", and later became the full-pledged overall director for the chain of "Liwayway" publications beginning 1977. He retired in 1991. He received twenty seven major awards and recognition from different organizations in the Philippines and abroad. He also became a member of the "Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences" (FAMAS).
Greg Laconsay Gregorio “Greg” C. Laconsay (born March 12, 1931) is a Filipino-Ilocano editor and writer in the Philippines. He was the former chief editor for two prominent literary magazines in the Philippines, namely the Ilocano-language "Bannawag" and the Tagalog-language "Liwayway".