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jaluit    0.810130

wotje    0.801508

ponape    0.798213

abemama    0.789564

maloelap    0.780591

woleai    0.778794

angaur    0.764147

ramree    0.760784

butaritari    0.754898

betio    0.754811

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Adoxophyes poecilogramma Adoxophyes poecilogramma is a species of moth of the Tortricidae family. It is found in Micronesia (Kusaie).
USS Ricketts (DE-254) Ordered to accept the surrender and to help establish the occupation of isolated Japanese garrisons, "Ricketts" got underway for Kusaie, the Carolines, one week later to assist in the disarming of the Japanese on that bypassed island, and to set up a military government. Further duty included the repatriation of natives of Ponape and Kusaie to their home islands.
Kosraean language Kosraean , sometimes rendered Kusaiean, is the language spoken on the islands of Kosrae (Kusaie), Caroline Islands, and Nauru. In 2001 there were approximately 8,000 speakers.
USS Soley "Soley" arrived at San Diego on 17 August. She reached Pearl Harbor ten days later and was routed onward to the Marshall Islands, arriving at Kwajalein on 5 September. "Soley" joined Task Unit (TU) 96.15.1, a Military Government Unit, which sortied for Kusaie Island, on 7 September, to take part in the acceptance of the surrender of Japanese forces. The surrender articles were signed on 8 September, and "Soley" remained at Kusaie as station ship until mid-October.
Philip Delaporte Delaporte and his family, including his wife, Salome (also a missionary), arrived in Nauru under the auspices of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, sent by Central Union Church of Honolulu. They had travelled from Hawaii via Kusaie.