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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for kuroudo

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Shannon McCormick His other roles include Kuroudo Akabane in "Get Backers", Masahiro Tamano/Tanma in "Wedding Peach", Eric in "Pictures of Superheroes", and Bradford in "Act of War". He also provided the voices for Arkillo, Shazam, John Constantine, and The Riddler in "DC Universe Online". McCormick also has experience as an improv comedian.
List of Garo characters is a Makai Priestess whose father Kuroudo was murdered by the Horror Ring. It was not known how she was like before Kuroudo was killed, but currently she sports brooding and impulsive personality, a result of being consumed by thoughts of vengeance towards Ring yet painfully aware that she does not have what it takes to cut down her father's murderer. Like many priests and priestesses, she was not trained in the use of Soul Metal weapons. In desperation of wanting revenge against her father's murderer with her own hands, she had Kain magically implanted a segment of a bone from his father's severed arm into her arm, which allows her to use her father's Makai Sword but puts a tremendous strain on her body, causing her intense pain whenever she overexerts herself. In "", she seeks Rei's help together with Kain, after coming to conclusion that both of them alone are inadequate to defeat the powerful Horror.
List of Garo characters is a Makai Priest and Yuna's partner who was formerly Kuroudo's partner. Despite appearing goofy and laid-back, it is actually a front with which he hides his pain and sorrow. He was with Kuroudo when they had Ring cornered, but he was unable to prevent his partner from being killed by the powerful Horror. Distraught and wracked with guilt, he conceded to Yuna's wish of having a bone from Kuroudo's severed hand implanted in her hand despite knowing the act to be a bad idea, as while it allows her to use Kuroudo's Makai Sword, it also puts a tremendous strain on her body.
List of GetBackers characters Unlike the other transporters in GetBackers, Akabane seeks entertainment, rather than money. He chooses jobs exclusively for his own amusement and as to test his own ability; the limits of which he himself has never known. Kyoji Kagami refers to Akabane as "Babylon City's Kuroudo Akabane", so it is safe to assume he was, at one point, a resident of the upper towers. It is later revealed that he used to be a surgeon on the battlefield. When he failed to save Semimaru Kanade's son despite his best efforts, Akabane decided that his destiny is to kill people rather than to save them. According to Dr. Amano (Ginji's mother), this wish was the cause of Akabane's ascension to a Transcendental being with power nearly unparalleled in GB's world.
List of Garo characters is the mother of Yuna who was originally a Makai Priestess. She desired a world free of Horrors so her daughter would not need to fight, and notably displeased that Kuroudo persisted with Yuna's training. Her notable ability is her singing voice that instills calmness in people and heal them of their physical wounds. Iyu taught Yuna the song when she was a child. Ten years prior to the events of "Zero: Black Blood", Iyu was blinded by a Horror while protecting Yuna, before she was knocked over a bridge to what many assumed to be her death. In reality however, Iyu was saved by the Horror Ring as he deems her song touches him, and she joined his cause in what she believed to be an appealing co-existence between Horrors and humans. Being the only human who is deemed off-limits to the Horrors in Ring's community, Iyu plays a vital role in the community by using her singing voice to placate the emotions of the residential humans, especially those who are about to be served as Blood Dolces, and to ensure that Ring maintains his sense of self. However, placing her daughter's well being before her own when both mother and daughter reunite, Iyu stops singing for Ring in an arranged act of redemption in her role in the Horror's plans, by having him revert to his true nature and devour her.