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Richard Kunzmann Richard Kunzmann (born 1976) is a Namibian born novelist, predominantly of crime fiction. He grew up in South Africa. His first novel, "Bloody Harvests", in a murder mystery set in South Africa and features SAPS detectives Harry Mason and Jacob Tsahbalala. It was first published in 2004, and features a conspiracy involving a grisly series of homicides in which the victims' bodies are used to make "muti" (traditional medicine.) Two other novels, "Salamander Cotton" and "Dead-End Road" feature the same characters.
Heidelberger TV The club had four players selected for the German under-18 team at the 2010 European Under-18 Rugby Union Championship, these being Nicolas Kurzer, Robert Hittel, Hannes Huber and Matthias Kunzmann.
Villa Malfitano Whitaker The villa was built between 1886 and 1889 by the will of the Sicilian-English Joseph Whitaker. It was designed by the architect Ignazio Greco and represents a synthetis of Art Nouveau, Neo-Renaissance and Eclecticism styles. The villa is decorated with several artwoks like the frescoes of Ettore De Maria Bergler. The garden of the villa was designed by Emilio Kunzmann and covers about seven hectares. Many rare plants from Tunisia, Sumatra, Australia and South America are located in it.
Clement Mary Hofbauer On their journey to Poland, the two new Redemptorist priests were joined by Peter Kunzmann, a fellow baker who had accompanied Hansl on a pilgrimage. He became the first Redemptorist lay brother from outside Italy. Together they arrived in Warsaw with no money; Hofbauer had given the last three silver coins to beggars along the way. They met with the apostolic delegate, Archbishop Saluzzo, who put them in charge of St. Benno's Church to work with the German-speaking people of Warsaw. As they learned the new language, the Redemptorists expanded their apostolate to the people who lived in the area of St. Benno's.