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acasos    0.828787

insensato    0.821358

celebridade    0.820593

cheias    0.805200

assopra    0.801267

perigosas    0.797896

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Kubanacan Kubanacan is a 2003 Brazilian telenovela, substituting "O Beijo do Vampiro" and preceding "Da Cor do Pecado".
Restinga da Marambaia It has been used as a setting for several telenovelas, including Kubanacan and Da Cor Do Pecado
Fernanda de Freitas On television, Fernando de Freitas also participated, novels "Kubanacan" (2003), "Como uma Onda" (2004), "Bang Bang" (2005), "Pé na Jaca" (2006), "Negócio da China" (2008).
O Beijo do Vampiro O Beijo do Vampiro () is a Brazilian telenovela that was produced and aired by TV Globo from August 26, 2002 to May 3, 2003, totaling 215 chapters, substituting "Desejos de Mulher" and preceding "Kubanacan".
Da Cor do Pecado Da Cor do Pecado ("Shades of Sin") is a Brazilian telenovela produced and broadcast by Rede Globo in the traditional 7pm timeslot between 26 January and 28 August 2004 with a total of 185 episodes, replacing "Kubanacan" and preceding "Começar de Novo".
Natália Lage Natalia Lage has acted in telenovelas since the age of eleven - when she premiered in "O Salvador da Pátria". She starred in the telenovela "O Amor Está no Ar" in 1997. This was followed by appearances in "A Padroeira", "Kubanacan" and "Da Cor do Pecado".
Sílvia Pfeifer In television began in 1990, Rede Globo, acting in the novel: "Meu Bem, Meu Mal". At 92, he made "Perigosas Peruas". In 94 "Tropicaliente". In 96: "O Rei do Gado" and "Malhação". In 98: "Torre de Babel". In 2000: "Uga, Uga". In 2001: "O Clone". In 2002: "Desejos de Mulher". In 2003: "Kubanacan" and "Celebridade". In 2006, "Pé na Jaca".
Thaís de Campos She then attended the novels "Final Feliz" (1982), "Voltei pra Você" (1983), "Livre para Voar" (1984), "Ti Ti Ti" (1985), "Mania de Querer" (1986), "Bambolê" (1987), "Tieta" (1989), "Mulheres de Areia" (1993), "A Viagem" (1994), "Salsa e Merengue" (1996), "Pecado Capital" (1998) and "Kubanacan" (2003).
Latino (singer) Missing the fans and the stages’ vibration, Xeque Mate came in 2003. The playlist songs portrayed the biography of his last and enduring relationship. “Você Já Foi Mais Humilde”("You Used To Be More Humble"), “Cartão Vermelho”("Red Card") and “Medo Meu”("My Fear") show that. Still in 2003, Latino did a cameo appearance in “Kubanacan”, a Rede Globo Television soap opera (Rede Globo (Globe Network) is Brazil’s biggest television network and the number one producer and provider of Portuguese language television programming in the world. It is also one of the biggest TV channels in the world, watched by 80 million people daily). In the same year he released his first live CD: Latino Ao Vivo – 10 Anos de Sucessos. It was produced by Up In The Air Produções, distributed by Som Livre (Globo TV Organization record company) and joined all the greatest hits of his career. “Me Leva”, “Não Adianta Chorar”("There's No Use Crying"), “Só Você” and “Eu Amo Você”, are some of them.