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fahnder    0.923561

totmacher    0.883091

brivele    0.877809

todesking    0.875573

tatortreiniger    0.866872

bettelstudent    0.857474

untertan    0.854775

blutharsch    0.851898

ermittler    0.851210

sirarpie    0.851185

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Article Example
Der Kriminalist Der Kriminalist is a German television series produced by Monaco Film Hamburg, subsidiary of Odeon Film.
Der Kriminalist Directors during the first season were Sherry Hormann and Torsten C. Fischer, during the second: Thomas Jahn, Jobst Oetzmann and Torsten C. Fischer.
Almila Bagriacik She subsequently played leading roles in numerous television series, such as Der Kriminalist, Notruf Hafenkante, Der Lehrer, Großstadtrevier and The Old Fox. Between 2008 and 2010, Bagriacik played the lead on stage in "Ein Warngedicht" at the Hebbel am Ufer theater in Berlin.
Hassan Akkouch Hassan Akkouch (born 1988) is a Lebanese German actor, known for his work in "Tatort" (2013), "Verbrechen Nach Ferdinand von Schirach" (2013) and "Der Kriminalist" (2006). He also participated in "Neukölln Unlimited" (2010), a German documentary about immigrant youth living in a neglected urban area in Berlin, Germany.
Frank Giering Giering was regularly seen in TV and cinema productions. His best known roles were in Sebastian Schipper's "Absolute Giganten" (1999) as Floyd, and in the film "Baader" (2002), portraying the leader of the Red Army Faction. Since 2006, Giering starred in the ZDF series "Der Kriminalist" as the Commissioner Henry Weber. He appeared in 30 episodes up until 2010.
Simin Tander Tander is the daughter of an Afghan journalist father, who died when she was a child, and a German teacher mother. She was raised in Cologne and her older sister Mina Tander became an actress. As Tander finished high school, she was very close to get a board contract as pop singer. During her vocal training with an opera singer, she realized that she was more into vocal improvisation than the Classical singing. She attended piano lessons and founded her own band. From 2002, she studied jazz singing at the Conservatory ArtEZ in the Netherlands. There she graduated with a Master of Music in 2008. In the following years she played in the Netherlands with trumpeter Eric Vloeimans and with Bo van de Graaf's I Compani, where she made contributions for the albums "Fellini" (2004), "Garbo" und "Extended 2013". In Germany she was to hear on the soundtracks Tatort and two episodes of the ZDF film Der Kriminalist.