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Article Example
Tiit Sukk On New Year's Day 2003, at approximately 2:30 am, Sukk was traveling in the back seat of his recently purchased Audi 80 on the Puurmani-Tabivere road in Jõgeva County. His friend, 26-year-old Lauri Kreegipuu, a design analyst for the Estonian Ministry of Justice, was driving, and 26-year-old Triin Voorel, a literary editor at the Estonian Puppet Theatre (NUKU) in Tallinn, was in the front passenger seat. Kreegipuu was driving at a high rate of speed near Kaave bridge in Pajusi Parish while turning a corner and the car skidded out of control on the ice and into a tree. Kreegipuu and Voorel were killed instantly, while Sukk suffered serious, but not life-threatening injuries. It was later determined by police authorities that both Kreegipuu and Sukk were intoxicated, though Voorel was not. Sukk had no memory of the accident and only recalled waking in the hospital.