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Kpong Kpong is a town in the Lower Manya Krobo District of the Eastern Region of Ghana and particularly noted for the Kpong Dam
Kpong Airfield Kpong Airfield first opened in November 2005. It is the busiest private airfield in West Africa with active light aviation movements most days. It has two grass runways 19/01 (800m) and 29/11 (200m) located 3 km south of the small lake created by Kpong Dam in the Eastern Region of Ghana and 50 km north of Tema.
Kpong Dam The Kpong Dam, also known as the Akuse Dam, is a hydroelectric power generating dam on the lower Volta River near Akuse
Kpong Dam in Ghana. It is owned and operated by Volta River Authority. It was constructed between 1977 and 1982. Its power station has a capacity of with all four units running, though the total nameplate capacity is .
Kpong Dam The project supplements power production from Akosombo Dam, for the smelting of aluminium at VALCO in Tema. The project is located about downstream of Akosombo Dam, and is about from the city of Accra.
Kpong Dam Because the reservoir upstream of the dam is relatively small, the plant operates as a "run-of-the-river" project, with river flow controlled at Akosombo. The design head of water at the plant is ; the low head required the use of unusually large turbines for their power rating, with a Francis runner diameter of . The powerhouse is long, wide and . The main dam is made of earth with rockfill facing and is high and long. Dikes on the banks are long. The spillway has a design capacity of and has 15 radial gates, each wide by high, with a total length of . The civil contractor for the project was Impregilo of Italy. Other components of the project include a 161 kV switchyard and transmission lines, four villages constructed to house people displaced by the project, and road construction.
Kpong Dam In addition to power generation, the project provides irrigation water for agriculture, and municipal water supply. Bilharzia is a health hazard in the region which has increased since the construction of the dam.
N3 road (Ghana) Major towns and cities along the route of the N3 include Kpong, Suhum, Oterkpalu, and Koforidua.
N2 road (Ghana) In the Eastern region, the route runs north to Kpong and Atimpoku, traverses the Volta lake via the Adomi Bridge into the Volta Region.
Private Ultralight Pilot As of 2009 only one training organisation in West Africa provides the training: WAASPS based at Kpong Airfield in the Eastern Region of Ghana (30km south of Akosombo).