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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for koyna

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Article Example
Koyna River Due to its electricity generating potential through Koyna Hydroelectric Project, Koyna river is known as the Life Line of Maharashtra
Koyna Express The 11029 Koyna Express covers the distance of 518 kilometres in 11 hours 45 mins (44.09 km/hr) & 12 hours 45 mins as 11030 Koyna Express (40.89 km/hr).
Koyna Dam The spillway of the dam is located at the center. It has 6 radial gates. The dam plays a vital role of flood controlling in monsoon season.
Koyna Dam The catchment area dams the Koyna river and forms the Shivasagar Lake which is approximately in length. It is one of the largest civil engineering projects commissioned after Indian independence. The Koyna hydro-electric project is run by the Maharashtra State Electricity Board.
Koyna Dam The dam has withstood many earthquakes in the recent past, including the devastating 1967 Koynanagar earthquake, resulting in the dam developing some cracks. After the disaster grouting of the cracks was done. Also internal holes were drilled to relieve the hydrostatic pressures in the body of the dam. Indian scientific establishment has formulated an ambitious project to drill a deep borehole in the region and intensely study the earthquake activity. This would help in better understanding and possible forecast of earthquakes. The proposal is to drill up to 7 km and study the physical, geological and chemical processes and properties of the reservoir triggered earthquake zone in real time. It would be an international project to be led by Indian scientists.
Koyna River The Koyna River is a tributary of the Krishna River which originates in Mahableshwar, Satara district,western Maharashtra, India. It rises near Mahableshwar, a famous hill station in the Western Ghats. Unlike most of the other rivers in Maharashtra which flow East-West direction, the Koyna river flows in North-South direction. The Koyna River is famous for the Koyna Dam and the Koyna Hydroelectric Project. Today the Koyna Hydroelectric Project is the largest completed hydroelectric project in India. The reservoir — Shivasagar Lake, is a huge lake of 50 km in length.
Koyna Express The 11029/11030 Koyna Express is one of 3 daily dedicated express train belonging to Indian Railways that run between Mumbai and Kolhapur in India. It operates as train number 11029 from Mumbai CST to Kolhapur and as train number 11030 in the reverse direction.
Koyna Express As its average speed in both directions is below 55 km/hr as per Indian Railway rules, it does not have a Superfast surcharge.
Koyna Dam The main purpose of dam is hydroelectricity with some irrigation in neighboring areas. Today the Koyna Hydroelectric Project is the largest completed hydroelectric power plant in India having a total installed capacity of . Due to its electricity generating potential Koyna river is considered as the 'life line of Maharashtra'.
Koyna River The river meets the Krishna River, which is one of the three largest rivers in southern India by Karad.