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kouvola    0.844576

kokkola    0.839468

nastola    0.827814

lapinlahti    0.824786

toverit    0.822427

urheilijat    0.820677

turun    0.819826

lappeenrannan    0.819351

anjalankoski    0.818723

kirkko    0.816626

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Article Example
Kouvolan Sanomat Kouvolan Sanomat is a morning broadsheet newspaper in tabloid format published in Kouvola, Finland.
Kouvolan Sanomat "Kouvolan Sanomat" was established in 1909. The paper is published by Sanoma Lehtimedia Oy which also publishes "Etelä-Saimaa", "Kymen Sanomat" and "Uutisvuoksi".
Kouvolan keskuskenttä Keskusurheilukenttä is a multi-use stadium in Kouvola, Finland. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Kouvolan Sudet. The stadium holds 12,000.
Kouvolan Sanomat "Kouvolan Sanomat" had a circulation of 27,959 copies in 2009.
Kouvola Newspapers "Kouvolan Sanomat" and "Keskilaakso" are published in Kouvola.
Etelä-Saimaa "Etelä-Saimaa" was established in 1885. The paper is published by Sanoma Lehtimedia Oy which also publishes "Kouvolan Sanomat", "Kymen Sanomat" and "Uutisvuoksi".
Rebecca (musical) The musical was performed in Helsinki, Finland, at the Helsingin kaupunginteatteri (Helsinki City Theatre) from August 28, 2008 to May 9, 2009. as well as in Kouvola, Finland, at the Kouvolan Teatteri, 11. Sebtember 2010."Rebecca" played in Budapest, Hungary, on 18 and 19 March 2010 (and later in repertory).
Olli Partanen Heikki Olavi ("Olli") Partanen (18 August 1922 – 15 June 2014) was a Finnish discus thrower. Partanen won EM-bronze in the discus throw in Bryssel 1950 with the result 48,69. He was born in Kouvola. Partanen performed his record 50,14 25 September 1949 in Karhula. He represented Kouvolan Urheilijat (Finnish. "The Sportsmen of Kouvola") in the club level. During the Second World War he served Nazi Germany in the Finnish Volunteer Battalion of the Waffen-SS.
FC Kuusysi The first club to begin to play football in Lahti was Lahden Ahkera (founded 1907), which started its team in 1908. However, they had little activity during the first years, and the team really picked up only after the independence of Finland in 1917. In 1922, Ahkera played its first official match, in which it lost to the Kouvolan Urheilijat Ball Men, the score being 1–3. In 1931 Ahkera decided to begin a separate section for football, after which football activity in the vicinity began to pick up, when Ahkera played against the other clubs of the town. Three years later the pressure for founding a specialised club for football began to increase, and thus in the spring of 1934 there was a meeting in a café called Häme in Lahti, in which a proper football club was founded. After a meeting that lasted two hours, a new club was founded, with the name Lahden Pallo-Miehet (‘Lahti Ball Men’). The newly founded club decided to put special emphasis on football propaganda directed at boys.