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Konstantin Ozgan Konstantin Ozgan was born on 15 May 1939 in the village of Lykhny, Gudauta district. In 1978, Ozgan became first secretary of the Gudauta Raikom of the Communist Party (a post he held until 1989) and a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Abkhazian ASSR and deputy head of its Presidium. In 1987, Ozgan became Chairman of the Supreme Soviet, a ceremonial function.
Konstantin Ozgan In the earlier stages of Ozgan's term, he had overseen some of the more successful negotiations between the two sides. However, in 1997, tensions began to rise again. Ozgan accused the Georgian government of being behind terrorist attacks on Abkhaz soldiers. He also demanded that the Commonwealth of Independent States lift sanctions before any Georgian refugees could return to their homes – a policy which has since continued under his successors.
Konstantin Ozgan According to Anri Jergenia, in 1989, the Central Committee of the Georgian SSR tried to nominate Ozgan, who enjoyed popularity, for the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union to thwart the election of Vladislav Ardzinba. However, Ozgan refused to be nominated. In 1990, Ozgan resigned as Supreme Soviet Chairman to make way for Ardzinba, because the Presidium had been abolished and it had become the most important office.
Konstantin Ozgan After being replaced as foreign minister, Ozgan was appointed Vice Premier of Abkhazia and minister for the Economy. In 1999, he headed the Abkhaz commission that was to oversee the unilateral repatriation to the Gali district of ethnic Georgian displaced persons. On April 2, 1999, Ozgan survived an assassination attempt when four colleagues were seriously injured by a landmine.
Konstantin Ozgan Konstantin Ozgan died on 22 March 2016. On 25 March, Ozgan was posthumously awarded the Order of Leon by President Raul Khajimba.