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Kolonga The name Kolonga did not exist till later on, there were two names that were known; Ualako (old residence home of Hon. Lord Nuku) and the name Mesimasi.
Kolonga Hon. Lord Nuku Nehasi Finefeuiaki died leaving no male heir. Than the title went to his brother, Hon. Lord Nuku Sosaia Finefeuiaki and his son, Hon. Lord Nuku Pulu Finefeuiaki. After he died, the title returned to the descendant of Hon. Lord Nuku Nehasi Finefeuiaki. Not long after the matter was taken to court. The investigation revealed, Hon. Lord Nuku Makoni Kailahi, was a descendant through the female line in three generations. The Tongan Constitution ruled him out and the title reverted to the descendants of Hon. Lord Nuku Sosaia Finefeuiaki.
Kolonga There was also a dispute over the title during the time of Hon. Lord Nuku Penisimani Katavake Naufahu Finefeuiaki. Sione Vao (Illegitimate descendant of Fatanitavake Finefeuiaki) and his relatives arrive from Fiji to claim the title. The Tongan Constitution already ruled them out, due to his ancestor, Fatanitavake, signed away his birthright.
Kolonga Kolonga is a village and the most populated settlement located on the northeast coast of Tongatapu in the Hahake District, Kingdom of Tonga. Kolonga is a hereditary estate of Hon. Lord Nuku.
Kolonga The current population of Kolonga was recorded in the Tonga 2006 Census as 1,199. Many people have left to go overseas for better opportunities. Many lands have been deserted or they leave it to the care of their relatives, sending money support back home. The majority of the residents owned two lands: one in town where they reside and one agricultural land in the bush.
Kolonga While Hon. Lord Nuku Fe’ao Finefeuiaki was still alive, his cunning brother-in-law, Sione Senior Kite was a very shrewd man from Fakakai village, Ha’apai Islands. He brought hundreds of people from Ha’apai Islands, and granted them land at Kolonga, without Hon. Lord Nuku's permission. By than it was too late, this angered Hon. Lord Nuku Fe’ao Finefeuiaki, and he stripped everything of him, including their land and sent them to Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu. The Ha'apai people that remained behind led Hon. Lord Nuku Fe'ao Finefeuiaki, to divide the land among them and granted them registered land ownership (since they were innocent).
Kolonga The word "Kolonga" features in the Tongan proverb, Ala-i-sia-ala-i-Kolonga (Mahina 2004), translated as, skillful at the mound, skillful at the hut. This indigenous proverb derived its meaning from the pigeon trappers’ practice of "heu lupe," the snaring of pigeons. The mound on which the pigeons were trapped was called "sia," and the temporary huts where the men resided and stored the captured pigeons were called "kolonga." The proverb in vernacular language would be written as, "Ala 'i sia, ala 'i kolonga." The meaning thus paid tribute to the trapper who was not merely skillful in snaring pigeons, but also skillful at storing and preserving the birds. The proverb referred to individuals who possessed the ability to successfully function in multiple contexts, a trait held in high regard by early Tongans. Relevant to the village characteristic of Kolonga and present day descendents, the proverb captured an element of wisdom known to the early Tongans. That is, humans have greater success at surviving if they are adaptable, skillful and functional in more than one environment.
Kolonga Kolonga village has always been the home and land of Hon. Lord Nuku and his people since the installation of Ngata, Tu'i Kanokupolu. In 1875, when King Tupou I declared the Tongan Constitution, Hon. Lord Nuku was elevated from being an ancient chiefly titleholder to established hereditary noble.
Kolonga The title, Nuku, has always been passed from the oldest brother to the youngest, not from father to son. Before King Tupou I left for war to Fiji, he entrusted, Hon. Lord Nuku Momoiangaha, to be the King’s Guard at the Royal Palace. When he returned, he was very upset to hear that Moimoiangaha had granted permission for a catholic church in his land. Therefore the title was stripped off.
Kolonga The metaphoric reference to Kolonga is Lotopoha, Sialehaevala and 'Utulongoa'a.