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Kluisbergen Kluisbergen () is a municipality located in the Belgian province of East Flanders. The municipality comprises the towns of Berchem, Kwaremont, Ruien and Zulzeke. On January 1, 2006, Kluisbergen had a total population of 6,161. The total area is 30.38 km² which gives a population density of 203 inhabitants per km². It is well known for its various hills that are popular among cyclists. The town of Ruien is the largest and has some outdoor facilities. Kwaremont has the title of "Artist Village" because of its numerous painters and art galleries. Kluisbergen is also home to the "Kluisbos", a forest which has 2 ancient standing stones, dating back to Roman times.
José Manuel Fors 1998 Foto- Installatles. Ommegangstraat 7, 9690, Kluisbergen, Kwaremont, Belgique. Geukens & De ViI. Knokke- Zoute, Belgique.
Tour of Flanders Kluisberg: "Buissestraat, Bergstraat, Kluisbergen-Ruien." Climbs 66m from 27m to 93m. Maximum 11 per cent. First climbed 1955
Tour of Flanders Oude Kwaremont: "Broekstraat, Kwaremontplein, Schilderstraat, Kluisbergen." Climbs 93m from 18m to 111m. Maximum 11 per cent. First climbed 1974.
Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå European Championship XCO Gold Medals: Moscow, Russia (2012), Dohnany, Slovakia (2011), Kluisbergen, Belgium (2005), Walbrzych Ksiaz, Poland (2004), Kaprun, Austria (2003), Zürich, Switzerland (2002)
Melden Melden is a village belonging partly to the municipality of Oudenaarde and partly to the municipality of Kluisbergen. It is located in the Flemish Ardennes, the hilly southern part of the province of East Flanders, Belgium.
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Karel Van Wijnendaele In 1964, a monument in honor of Van Wijnendaele was inaugurated near the top of the Oude Kwaremont, in the "Ronde van Vlaanderenstraat" "(English: Tour of Flanders street)" in Kluisbergen. The site is a pivotal location in the Tour of Flanders route.
Kruisberg Kruisberg is the unofficial name of the "Oudestraat" and "Oude Kruisens" roads, which run parallel to Ronse's actual Kruisberg, a broad concrete road. Hence the climb is frequently referred to as "Oude Kruisberg". In Flemish media the climb is often erroneously called "Oude Kruiskens" – with k. The Kruisberg should not be confused with the Kluisberg, a nearby hill and forest in the neighbouring municipality of Kluisbergen.
Paterberg The Paterberg is a hill in the municipality of Kluisbergen, in the Belgian province of East Flanders. With its top at 80 m, its is one of many hill formations in the Flemish Ardennes, close to Wallonia. The slopes of the hill were unpaved until 1986, when a local farmer paved the road in cobbles because he wanted the Tour of Flanders cycling race to pass by his house. The cobbled climb became one of the iconic sites of Belgian cycling, and in 1993 the road of the Paterberg was classified as a protected monument.