Top 10 similar words or synonyms for klosterberg

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leopoldsdorf    0.846201

breitenbrunn    0.845183

sommerach    0.845130

burgruine    0.844449

jesuitengarten    0.836230

sonnberg    0.832741

burladingen    0.832489

staudach    0.831474

lohmen    0.830596

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for klosterberg

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Leidersbach There is also a youth education centre in the former monastery on the "Klosterberg" in Ebersbach.
Maring-Noviand Maring-Noviand is characterized by winegrowing and tourism. Wine locations include, among others, Honigberg, Sonnenuhr, Klosterberg, Lambertuslay and Römerpfad. Raised here are Riesling and Pinot varieties.
Ahr (wine region) Ahr consists of a single district ("Bereich") called Walporzheim-Ahrtal, only one collective vineyard site ("Großlage") called Klosterberg, and 43 single vineyard sites.
Wipperfürth By far the oldest church in Wipperfürth is the Catholic parish church St.-Nikolaus placed in the downtown of Wipperfürth. Not far away, the Protestant church was built next to the marked-place in 1875. The so-called Antoniuskirche ("Antonius-church", a minister) was built on the Klosterberg ("cloister hill").
Kiedrich High-grade wines are grown in Kiedrich. The vineyards (or 'Weinlagen') Gräfenberg, Wasseros, Klosterberg, Sandgrub and Turmberg, and the larger wine-growing area ('Großlage') Heiligenstock are said to be the Rheingau’s top wines. The Kiedrich winemakers’ wine-growing tradition originates in the year 1480, when wine was already being grown by the winemaker’s house that is still exists today, under the name 'Adelsgut Langenhof'. The local winemakers’ cooperative has existed since 1893, making it the oldest in the Rheingau.