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clydonia    0.853501

spatulatum    0.843964

roseolum    0.843777

foreverbrandy    0.841944

roseifascia    0.839940

oweniidae    0.839321

sichuanus    0.839202

pluripunctatus    0.838943

calamoschoena    0.838902

clavagellidae    0.838667

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Kittlidiscidae Kittlidiscidae is an extinct family of Middle Triassic gastropods in the superfamily Pleurotomarioidea, named to contain the genus "Kittlidiscus" and included in the Vetigastropoda.
Kittlidiscidae Note that Bouchet & Rocroi, 2005 gives Vetigastropoda simply as a clade, which not being paraphyletic, it also is, leaving taxonomic ranking to a future date. Other gastropod classifications, including those subsequent, have determined that the Vetigastropoda is a superorder.
Kittlidiscidae The Kittlidiscidae includes the genus "Kittlidiscus".
Pleurotomariacea Catantostomatidae, Eotomariidae, Euomphalopteridae, Gosselitinidae, Haliotidae, Kittlidiscidae, Laubellidae, Lophospiridae, Luciellidae, Phanerotrematidae, Phymatopleuridae, Pleurotromariidae, Polytremerida, Portlockiellidae, Rhaphischismatidae, Raphystomatidae, Scissurellidae, Sinuopeidae, Tremnotropidae, Trochotomidae, Zygitidae.