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Kim Kielsen Kim Kielsen (born 30 November 1966) is a Greenlandic politician, and current leader of the Siumut party, and premier of Greenland. He was originally a mariner and was a police officer with Rigspolitiet from 1996 to 2003 in Upernavik and Paamiut. Kielsen entered politics in 2005 when he was elected to the Greenlandic parliament for Siumut and to the municipal government of Paamiut. In the government of Aleqa Hammond, he was the minister for housing, nature and the environment. He became acting prime minister of Greenland in October 2014 when Hammond stepped down and the Siumut party subsequently elected Kielsen as its leader, awarding him 44 of 65 votes. On 4 December 2014 his party along with Atassut and Demokraatit formed a new coalition. On 10 December 2014 the new ministers were represented.
Kielsen II Cabinet The Second Cabinet of Kim Kielsen is the incumbent Government of Greenland, in office since 2 February 2016. It is a coalition majority government consisting of Siumut, Demokraatit and Atassut.
Kielsen I Cabinet The First Cabinet of Kim Kielsen is the current government of the Greenland. It was appointed on 10 December 2014 with Kim Kielsen from Forward (Siumut) as Prime Minister, making a coalition between Forward (Siumut), Democrats (Demokraatit) and Solidarity (Atassut). It is a majority government and is right and left winged government.
Frederik Christian Kielsen Frederik Christian Kielsen (7 February 1774 Copenhagen - 18 January 1850 Frederiksberg) was a Danish schoolmaster noted for editing and publishing a series of copiously illustrated books on natural history - "Icones amphibiorum, Icones avium, Icones piscium, Icones vermium, Icones mammalium, Icones insectorum".
Kielsen II Cabinet The Social Democratic Siumut has 5 ministers including the Prime Minister. The Social liberal Democrats has 2 ministers. The Liberalistic Solidarity has 2 ministers.
Frederik Christian Kielsen Frederik Christian was the son of Olufsen Kielsen, an organist at the Garrison Church in Copenhagen, and Valentine Margerithe Dresler. He was at a school in Elsinore until 1790 when he began studying surgery, but soon changed to Natural History. He became assistant teacher at the Metropolitan School in 1806 and senior teacher 1812. For financial reasons he left in 1819, and settled in Vordingborg and lectured at the Latin School in this city while his weakened vision allowed. In 1833 he moved back to Copenhagen and stayed there until his death. On 29 May 1808 he married Louise Charlotte Amalie Jacobsen (born 2 June 1789). He translated a number of German children's books dealing with nature, but was especially capable as teacher and author of Natural History textbooks. This science was still new in school curricula and its teaching was problematic. He translated the German Natural History of 1797 by Karl Philipp Funke (1752-1807), which was duly used by schools, and wrote a comprehensive textbook on systematics (1802-4) followed by a small 'Guide for Beginners' (1807). The latter remained in use by schools for an entire generation.
Kielsen I Cabinet The Social Democratic Siumut has 5 ministers including the Prime Minister. The Social liberal Democrats has 2 ministers. The Liberalistic Solidarity has 2 ministers.
Aleqa Hammond On October 1, 2014, Hammond took a leave of absence as she is investigated for an expense scandal. Kim Kielsen became Acting Prime Minister, and also succeeded her as leader of the Siumut party.
Greenland Greenland also has its own Parliament, which has 31 members. The government is the Naalakkersuisut whose members are appointed by the Premier. The head of government is the Premier, usually the leader of the majority party in Parliament. The current Premier is Kim Kielsen of the Siumut Party.
Naalakkersuisut The most recent parliamentary elections were held on 28 November 2014 and Kim Kielsen, leader of the Siumut party, was designated as Prime Minister by a coalition of the parties Siumut, Democrats, and Atassut. The coalition was formed on 4 December 2014, Siumut has five ministers, Democrats 2 and Attasut 2.