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Article Example
Kholodenko Kholodenko or Holodenko () is a gender-neutral Slavic surname that may refer to
Vadym Kholodenko Kholodenko is currently managed by the Van Cliburn Foundation.
Vadym Kholodenko In addition to his Cliburn victory, Kholodenko has also taken first prize at the Maria Callas International Piano Competition (2004), Sendai International Music Competition (2010), and International Schubert Competition (Dortmund, 2011).
Boris Kholodenko Boris Kholodenko is a Russian professor of Systems Biology at Systems Biology Ireland and Conway Institutes at University College Dublin, Ireland. He is also an adjunct professor at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia where his group was behind the development of the first model of Epidermal growth factor receptor.
Boris Kholodenko From 1982 to 2006 he was an author and coauthor of numerous scientific papers. He have 89 papers in his selected works: