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klemke    0.882059

scharfmann    0.881894

scholzen    0.876703

vandenabeele    0.873857

vikkula    0.871576

anrather    0.870982

padera    0.870663

plebani    0.869954

meyerhardt    0.869709

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Lymphatic endothelium Although lymphatics were first described by Hippocrates in 400BC and rediscovered as "milky veins in the gut of a well fed dog" in the 17th century by Gasparo Aselli, they were ignored for centuries until in 1937 Howard Florey showed that lymphatics enlarge in inflammation. At this stage vascular and lymphatic endothelia were seen to be morphologically distinct and lymphatic vessels considered less important. Later it was discovered that VEGF-R3 and VEGF-C/VEGF-D were the key growth factors controlling lymphatic endothelial proliferation. Markers of lymphatic endolthelium were not discovered until relatively recently. These being LYVE-1 (Jackson et al.,1999) and podoplanin (Kerjaschki,1999).