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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for kelsoe

Article Example
Jim Kelsoe Jim Kelsoe was a Morgan Keegan Fund Manager. According to "Investment Fraud Times", the "SEC, FINRA, and regulators in Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky and South Carolina announced administrative proceedings against Memphis, Tenn.-based firms Morgan Keegan & Company and Morgan Asset Management and two employees accused of fraudulently overstating the value of securities backed by subprime mortgages."
Allen B. Morgan Jr. In December 2010, Morgan was charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) along with eight other directors of mutual funds. The so-called Kelsoe funds, were bond funds that bought assets backed by subprime mortgages, collapsed in 2007 during the subprime mortgage crisis. The SEC accused that the "directors made little effort to learn how the values were being determined." The firm settled its charges in 2011, but the fund directors would holdout until 2013.
The Ghosts of Berkeley Square Two 18th century officers, General Burlap (Morley) and Colonel Kelsoe (Aylmer), are desperate to prevent war, so they hatch a plan to capture the Duke of Marlborough and hold him prisoner until the threat of hostilities passes. Unfortunately, while testing the efficacy of the contraption they have designed to entrap the duke, they manage to kill themselves. Their stupidity incurs the wrath of Queen Anne in the afterlife, and as punishment they are condemned to haunt the Berkeley Square house until such time as a British monarch crosses the threshold of the property.
The Ghosts of Berkeley Square Things get off to a rocky start when the ghosts of Burlap and Kelsoe blame each other for the fiasco, quarrel, and refuse to speak to each other for 66 years. Once they have resolved their differences, they set about trying to engineer the required Royal Visit. Over the decades they interact with the succession of different occupants of the house, but never manage to lure a monarch to enter. As the years pass, the house becomes variously the home of a French-run bordello with drinking, gambling and fornication; an Indian rajah complete with harem; the home of the PT Barnum theatre: a Boer War soldiers' hospital and a World War I officers' club. Their time as earth-bound ghosts eventually comes to an end when Berkeley Square is bombed during an air raid and Queen Mary comes to visit the damaged properties, allowing the pair finally to take their place in the afterlife.