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lauritsalan    0.729810

pirkkalan    0.727469

veikot    0.726001

kouvolan    0.717377

vitonen    0.712169

jakobstads    0.711732

ryhti    0.710366

toverit    0.710054

puistolan    0.706352

jalkapalloklubi    0.703539

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Kellokosken Alku Kellokosken Alku run a number of teams including 1 men's teams, 3 men's veterans teams and 6 boys teams. The club also run a football school for young boys and girls.
Kellokosken Alku KelA has spent many seasons in the lower divisions of the Finnish football league with occasional spells in the fourth tier, the Kolmonen (Third Division).
Kellokosken Alku The club are able to make use of the indoor facilities at the Fortum-halli in Järvenpää.
Kellokosken Alku Kellokosken Alku (abbreviated KelA) is a sports club from Kellokoski, Finland. The club was formed in 1926 as Woimistelu and Urheiluseura Alku. It has specialised in athletics, skiing, gymnastics, wrestling, boxing, pesäpallo, cycling, football, volleyball, basketball, bandy, table tennis, swimming, orienteering, weight lifting, ice hockey and floorball. Football and ice-hockey are the two most popular sports. The men’s football team currently plays in the Vitonen (Fifth Division) and their home ground is at the Kellokosken nurmi. The ice hockey team plays in the Second Division South, the fourth tier of Finnish ice-hockey. The Club Chairman is Kyösti Lehtonen.
Kellokosken Alku KelA are competing in Section 4 (Lohko 4) of the Vitonen administered by the Uusimaa SPL. This is the sixth highest tier in the Finnish football system. In 2009 KelA finished in 7th place in Section 4 of the Vitonen.