Top 10 similar words or synonyms for kaymor

kamalavarman    0.644109

bhalgamda    0.637445

gamanang    0.634184

zhuanhaoliang    0.627342

ziyuliu    0.621709

shatadhanwa    0.617691

muqarin    0.616239

utsmi    0.615485

oryakhel    0.615338

togbye    0.609026

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for kaymor

Article Example
Buumi The Buumi was a very important figure in the Serer kingdoms. They had their own army and also led a contingent force of the country in times of war. At The Battle of Fandane-Thiouthioune (18 July 1867) also known as the Battle of Somb, the Buumi Somb commanded the army of eastern Sine. In the Kingdom of Saloum, which had a very similar political structure as the Kingdom of Sine, the two most important "Buumis" were : the "Buumi Kaymor" (Buumi of Kaymor) and "Buumi Mandak" (Buumi of Mandak). They both took residence at Kaymor and Mandak (in Saloum), respectively. In Sine, there was also the "Buumi Nguess" (Buumi of Nguess) and "Buumi Ndidor" (Buumi of Ndidor). Although they were all important figures, they should not be confused with the "Buumi" (their heir apparent).
Serer religion At the surprised attacks of Naodorou, Kaymor and Ngaye, where the Serers were defeated, they killed themselves rather than be conquered by the Muslim forces. In these 19th-century Islamic Marabout wars, many of the Serers villagers committed matyrdom, including jumping to their deaths at the Well of Tahompa. In Serer religion, suicide is only permitted if it satisfies the Serer principle of Jom (also spelt ""Joom"" which literally means "honour" in the Serer language) - a code of beliefs and values that govern Serer lives.