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Kayelekera mine On July 30, 2013 mine employee Khwima Phiri was killed after being struck by a wheel that he was inflating.
Kayelekera mine In February 2014, a truck rollover resulted in the rupture of a container of uranium oxide.
Kayelekera mine Kayelekera uranium mine is an open cast uranium mine 52 kilometers west of the regional administrative and commercial centre Karonga in Malawi, Africa and is the country's largest mine. Kayelekera is owned 100% by Paladin (Africa) Limited (PAL), an 85% subsidiary of Australian and Canadian listed Paladin Energy and in July 2009, Paladin issued 15% of the equity in Paladin (Africa) Ltd to the Government of Malawi under the terms of the Mining Development Agreement signed between PAL and the Government in February 2007. The mine was officially opened on 17 April 2009 by the then Malawian president Bingu wa Mutharika. As of 2014, the mine is in care and maintenance mode owing to a depressed uranium market. While in production, the mine exported containers of uranium oxide via the port of Walvis Bay. The mine has not been profitable for its operators and has met opposition from organisations and individuals concerned about the mine's tax concessions, operation, adherence to law and regulation and its potential impacts on human and environmental safety.
Kayelekera mine Francis Mikonda commenced work as a process operator at the Kayelekera mine on October 23, 2010. In 2012, he began to suffer from leg pains. An MRI scan of Mikonda's lumbar region conducted on December 28, 2012 revealed "diffuse marrow replacement and diffuse spondylosis from L2-3 to L5-S1, with moderate spiral stenosis at L4-5 and irritation of the right L4 nerve root." On January 17, 2013 he collapsed at work and was admitted to hospital suffering from fractures of left and right thigh bones. His right leg required amputation. On September 11, 2013, Mikondo died from cancer. Paladin denied that Mikonda's death was the result of exposure to radioactive substances.
Kayelekera mine In January 2015, a stormwater surge caused the liner in a plant run-off tank to rupture, resulting in approximately 50 litres of liquid overflowing from a bunded area. Media reports claimed that the mine had begun to discharge wastes into the local river system, which Paladin refuted. Paladin stated that such reports originated from 'hostile' NGOs and contained "numerous blatant falsehoods and misleading statements, intended to cause alarm and distress in communities living in the vicinity of Kayelekera and the local river system."
Paladin Energy In 2014, Paladin suspended production at Kayelekera, citing lowered uranium prices at the reason for suspension.
Paladin Energy Kayelekera mine in Malawi is the Company’s second mine. A Development Agreement with the Government of Malawi was executed in February 2007, which provided fiscal stability for the project for ten years. Kayelekera was officially opened in April 2009 and has operated at designed production rates of 3.3Mlb U3O8. Project life is expected to run for at least an additional 8 years with exploration underway to identify feedstocks to extend the current project life.
Karonga District Over the last few years, there has been much development in the region due to the discovery of uranium at the Kayelekera mine, which officially opened in 2009, and many of the previously gravelled roads have been laid with tarmac.
Karonga On 11 July 2008 the Kayelekera mine in Karonga celebrated 1.5 million hours of accident-free uranium mining. "Analysts" claim this is a rare achievement. The mine previously met with controversy due to exposing people to radiation.
Uranium mining by country Uranium is produced at Kayelekera mine near Karonga. The mine owned and operated by Australian company, Paladin Energy. As of 2014, the mine is under 'care and maintenance' due to weak uranium prices.